Watch Dogs Missing Persons Locations ‘Darkness Looms Guide

In Watch Dogs, the folks of Chicago are one unfortunate lot. Their privacy isn’t safe from breaching, their city is run by eccentric people, and there are killers on the loose.

During your journey, you might stumble upon some dead-bodies tightly covered in a plastic bag with strange blood marks/writings around them.

Apparently, there is a freakish killer on the loose that murders people and disposes off their bodies wrapped in a plastic bag.

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Watch Dogs Missing Persons Locations

As the vigilante, you must discover all deadbodies, connect the clues, and uncover the culprit behind this madness.

There are a total of 6 deadbodies that you can find in the game. You can unlock all ctOS Towers in Chicago to have corpses’ locations marked on your map.


Finding all Missing Persons and bringing the culprit to justice will unlock Wildfire Weapon and Darkness Looms Achievement/Trophy.

Note: Just like Human Trafficking bidders, these deadbodies can be found in any order.

Alicia Freidkin
Location: Railroad Tracks in Pawnee
The first missing person can be found inside an open carriage of a railway car in the northwest side of Pawnee. You will see the corpse inside a blood-circle with number 5 written with blood.

Pay attention, there is also an Audiolog in this location.

Annie Nelson
Location: Wooden Hut in Pawnee
Annie’s corpse can be found by heading west from Crazy Moose Motel near a large wooden hut. Head inside this wooden hut and you will find the corpse inside a cage; lying on a bed.

Once again, there will be an Audiolog in this location.

Kate Quigley
Location: Train-Tunnel in Parker Square
This corpse can be found on the western side of the Parker Square. You will come across a bunch of railway tracks with a cul de sac tunnel nearby.

You need to enter this tunnel to find Kate’s corpse with an Audiolog nearby.

Chelsea Armstrong
Location: Under Bridge in Brandon Docks
To find this dead body, you need to head towards the east side of the L-Train tracks; at the easternmost bridge. You need to go beneath this bridge and the corpse will be near a woman’s wall-painting, sitting on a mattress.

You will also come across an Audiolog with a number blood-written #13.

Claudette Rousseau
Location: Demolished Factory in Brandon Docks
You will come across a demolished factory in Brandon Docks, near the Cash Run Mini Game start. You need to head inside the building and ascend the stairs to find Claudette’s corpse with an Audiolog.

Debora Ingram
Location: Lighthouse in the Loop
Travel to the Lighthouse in the Loop and head inside a metal shack to find the last corpse on a home-made stretcher. There will also be an Audiolog in this location.

Watch Dogs Missing Persons Investigation Bonus Mission

After finding all six deadbodies, you will receive a call from an unknown man which you need to track to initiate this bonus mission.

After getting to the designated location, you will need to find the suspected murderer. For your convenience, his name is Edgar Noon and he will be wearing glasses with a red jacket.

Make sure to stay hidden while having your Profiler on him at all the time. You will instantly fail this mission if he spots you lurking around.

Soon, a girl will come to talk to him and you will be told to ‘Intervene’ moments later. Just as you will intervene, Edgar will dash away from you.

The easiest way to conclude this mission is to draw any weapon and shoot him in the leg or in the head.

Doing so will alert the folks in the surrounding and they might call 911. Roam around the area a bit and see if this happens. If it does happen, snatch their phones and leave the area to complete this investigation.

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