Watch Dogs Online Decryption Guide – Map Tips, Tricks and Strategy

Watch Dogs
Decryption is an online-only mode in Watch Dogs which can be played both as a free-for-all or in the shape of a TDM. In both ways, your task is simple: retrieve a file from a location followed by decrypting it.

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Watch Dogs Online Decryption

At the beginning of a Decryption Match, each player is asked to choose from a set of 6 predefined Loadout(s). The first three Loadout(s) will be available to everyone.

To unlock the other three, you must progress through the game.

After picking up the file, a percentage timer running from 0% to 100% will appear on the screen. To complete and win the match, you must reach 100% completion before the other team.

The other players will utilize their hacks like Jam-Com to hinder your progression or worse; bring you down. In any circumstance, you won’t be able to transfer the file from one player to another.


Your user-interface will constantly update you with information related to decryption and of your enemy activities. And like other online games, you’ll have infinite respawn(s) until the timer expires or either team wins.

In this guide, I’ll be telling you some of the best locations and spots for each map where you’ll be able to control engagements and decrypt your file.


The old train yard in the northwest of the area is an excellent location for decrypting the key. You’ll be able to set up a couple of marksmen at the high trails with rest of your team hiding inside the main building.

In addition to this, the main rail track will provide an excellent getaway.

The area surrounding the Gas Station is another great location for decrypting the file. Just like Train Yard, you’ll be able to have a couple of marksmen on the water tower to provide you covering fire.

Other players can either enter inside the main garage or adjacent buildings. And in need of a getaway car, you’ll find a cement truck parked nearby.

Lastly, cemetery is yet another decent location to get rid of your pursuers. The gravestones will provide an excellent covering position along with a couple of huts. While in a vehicle, blockers scattered in the area will give you an upper hand in dealing with your pursuers.

Trailer Park
The southwest side of the Trailer Park with a bunch of trailers has great lines of sights, explosive canister, and amazing covering positions. Make sure you and your teammates bring in a couple of IEDs with you.

Place them near the explosive canister and other exploding objects and you’ll set an amazing perimeter.

You can also set up a perimeter near the Wooden Hut in north side of the area. Try and take cover behind the wooden hut as there is no way, you’ll get attacked from behind.

In addition to setting up a defensive perimeter, you can also reach Motel with relative ease.

The rooftop of Motel behind the large MOTEL sign is a great position to secure the file. However, there are a couple of ways to reach the rooftop.

Therefore, you’ll need to throw in a couple of Proximity IEDs to protect the area. While attacking, make sure to have a bunch of Frag Grenades and reach the area from northern or southwest side instead of opting for the obvious path.

Parker Square

Suburbia in the north side has a good combination of penetrable and impenetrable hedges which can be used to get rid of your pursuers in vehicles.

However, you’ll need to memorize these paths yourself; otherwise, you’ll be stuck. Drop in a couple of Proximity IEDs near the exit points and watch your pursuers go down instantly.

The row houses near the bus stop have a couple of entry/exit points. You can have a couple of people as marksmen standing on the rooftops of these houses with others as ground forces.

Also make sure to cover up the exits with Proximity IEDs to hinder your pursuers progression.

Have a car attached with an IED parked near the gate leading to Nicky’s House. You won’t find world’s best hiding spots in this area; therefore, you should only use it for reaching Keele Station and The Castle.

The area where key spawns is one of the best locations to decrypt it. You need to use lifts and ravels to reach the area with ctOS Tower and set up a defensive perimeter there.

Throw in a couple of Proximity IEDs near the lift and the ladder (as there is no other ways to reach the top). At the rooftop area, you’ll have a clear view of the whole location.

Although the rooftop of OWL Motel won’t provide any good covering spots, there will be a couple of ways leading to the rooftop. Make sure to utilize those to reach the rooftop, but don’t forget to throw in a couple of IEDs.

When on the higher ground, make sure to make good use of Blockers and Exploding Objects in the parking lot.

The trucks inside the southeast garage will make sure that you don’t get taken out easily. You can also use these trucks to climb over the ledges and reach higher ground.

The Wards

Finders Keeper
The garage adjacent to Jay’s Garage can be used as an amazing defensive point with marksmen. You can either hide inside Jay’s Garage or set up a perimeter behind it.

If you’ve completed the campaign missions, you’ll know that Iraq’s Base has some pretty decent hiding spots along with a Steam Pipe and a Gate near the entry/exit points. Furthermore, the area near the ctOS Tower has some good defensive positions. This is by the best location for decrypting your file.

Along with Iraq’s Base, Rossi-Fremont Apartments provide excellent positions to defend your file-bearer. Use the Steam Pipe to defend the area from approaching vehicles and climb the lower rooftops to provide covering fire.

Brandon Docks

Data Race
The area around the lake has some good hiding position near the central tower and rocks fragments. It should be your utmost priority to stay on the higher grounds and keep on taking out enemy team members (who will approach from all sides).

You’ll also come across a speedboat parked near the bulwark, but I won’t recommend using it.

The Tidis Warehouse is probably the best location to decrypt your file. You’ll have amazing cover, higher platforms, and good places for hiding. Furthermore, the main path leading to the area can be set up with IEDs (Proximity IEDs).

Once in this area, make sure to reach the elevated ground using the metal stairway and take out targets from that location.

Another great location to decrypt the file is Boat Storage House for Tidis Corporation. You’ll be able to climb the rooftops of two white storage houses and pick up your target with ease.

In addition to this, you’ll also come across a bunch of hiding spots and covering positions.

Tech Tactics
The large containers’ yard is one of the best places to hide and provide covering fire to your team. The containers will provide an excellent covering position and you’ll also come across some open containers for hiding in.

The container yard area behind ‘Chicago’s Best Latte’ signboard is another location for decrypting your file. You’ll be able to use the forklift and open windows to reach the insides of the building with insane cover serving as a perfect hiding spot.

The railway yard near the ctOS Tower will ensure that your file-bearer remains secure inside the Tower Building while rest of your teammates provide cover fire from top of the railway yard without blowing away your cover.

The Loop

Risk and Reward
Although this map doesn’t encourage running in a vehicle instead of hiding in your place, you can still use the large rail terminal alongside the water as a good location for setting up a perimeter.

You’ll come across a couple of containers providing excellent hiding position. In addition to these, you can have one or two snipers on the elevated platforms. However, they’ll be taken out without teamwork.

Western Station is another good hiding location which is also near the key spawning location. Climb the station roof and you’ll have the perfect crowd control.

You can take a bike and escape using the tracks.

The area of key spawning location in this map is also the perfect one to decrypt it. However, you’ll need to make sure that you stick to the northern side and keep on taking out any intruders.

Furthermore, the explosive boxes will give you a hard time so make sure to keep your distance. Other than this, this area has perfect hiding spots and covering locations.

Marina is the most underrated key decrypting location in this map. You’ll find a bunch of boats to plan your escape or even set up a defensive perimeter. Since this is an open area, you’ll see enemies coming from any direction.

Place in a couple of Proximity IEDs on the ramparts and you’ll be good to go.

Mad Mile

Ones and Zeroes
The ctOS Tower location has a couple of rooftops to defend the area from intruders. Use the infrastructural hacks to slow down the progress of your enemies and use IEDs to set up a perimeter.

However, it is not necessary that you hide in this area as it has some pretty good spots to plan your escape with Blockers near the entry/exit.

The four-directional network of alleyways near the Moscow Jewelers has Blockers on each entry/exit point which you can use to hinder the progression of enemy pursuers.

Setting up the perimeter with IEDs on each entry/exit point with your whole team will surely protect your for long enough to decrypt the key.

Now many people tend to overlook the Gas Station, but you can easily climb up the rooftop (east of the Gas Station) of a building adjacent to it (using the lift).

And since there is only one way to reach this area, it can easily be turned into your base using IEDs. Other than this, you’ll have eyes on every path to keep track of your enemy movements.

Use elevated rail tracks in Naokes Station to control the area and sniper your enemies from there. You can also use the metal staircase to reach the rooftop of the adjacent apartment which is another great location for taking out your targets.

Most of the enemy teammates will try to escape this area which makes this approach ideal instead of pursuing them directly.

If you wish to set up a perimeter and hide inside an area then there is no better location than Construction Yard on the map.

However, make sure to blow up the gas canisters or enemies will gain advantage from it. This area is almost perfect to hide in and complete the decryption.

You’ll also be able to place in a few IEDs on the entry point in case an enemy tries to rush you.

If you don’t wish to defend from the Construction Yard, you can do so in the camp for the homeless. However, you’ll notice that this area is overlooked by an overpass which can be used as a vantage point for snipers.

Therefore, you’ll want to have some sniper of your own to protect you from the marksmen on the overpass. And since this area can only be reach from water, you’ll have no difficulty in defending it, provided that you reach it first.

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