Watch Dogs Digital Trips Guide – How To Play, Tips and Skill Tree Upgrades

Ever wondered what post-apocalyptic Chicago will look like in Watch_Dogs? What if all of your hacking skills become useless? How will you survive?

All these questions are answered in a mini-game dubbed Digital_Trips created by notorious hacker ‘Defalt’.

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Watch Dogs Digital Trips

Digital_Trips take you into a post-apocalyptic version of Chicago where all of your combat and hacking skills are ineffective. In this world, you’ve absolutely no connection to the outside world and you must complete specific objectives to arrive back in reality.

Furthermore, each Digital_Trip has its own set of skill tree that is completely different from Aiden’s regular skill tree.

Digital_Trips can be started by visiting one of Defalt’s vendors in Chicago or using your smartphone. Completing Digital_Trips unlocks various outfits in your wardrobe.



In the first Digital_Trip, you’ll find yourself in robot-invaded Loop. These robots will be using 20 generators scattered throughout ‘The Loop’ to keep the power down.

Your task is to restore the power by activating all these generators. However, you’ll have to be careful with all those robots patrolling the areas.

Alone, in many ways, is similar to normal Watch_Dogs gameplay style. For instance, takedowns and alerts (when an enemy sees you) are pretty much similar.

However, the damage output of those robotic weapons will be far greater than any human weapon. Furthermore, these robots will keep on respawning at different locations. The only way to permanently destroy them is to activate a generator.

You’ll also come across several weapon cache loaded with weapons, but using them is not advised since robots will be immune to those weapons (to a certain extent).

You’ll also come across parked vehicles in nearby vicinity which can be used to travel to different generators. Other than this, you’ll also be able to cause diversions using many of your skills like EMP Grenades.

The main idea is to stay stealthy and complete the whole mission in this way. Although other possibilities are also feasible, this will cause you least problems.

Below, you’ll find a complete set of skill trees in Alone:

EMP Belt
Push left on D-pad to stun all the robots around you for 7 seconds. Has a maximum of five charges; reload with takedowns on robots

Medium Wave Emitter
Extends the range of the EMP belt’s pulse

Long Wave Emitter
Vastly extends the range of the EMP belt’s pulse. It now reaches about half a city block

Mechanically similar to a D50 pistol, with a 15-round clip, one shot stuns a robot for 8 seconds

EMP Grenade
You must hack the grenade after it’s thrown, much as with IEDs. Affected robots are stunned for 7 seconds

Alpha Wave Emitter
The stun now lasts 7.5 seconds

Beta Wave Emitter
The stun now lasts a full 10 seconds

You can carry more ammunition for the EMP gun and assault rifle

Anti-Radiation Vest
Increases your resistance against robots’ attacks

Radiation Shield
Vastly increases your resistance to robot attack

Raises the chance that you’ll receive ammo or grenades from robots

Quick Computing
The generator hack takes 8 seconds

Security Exploits
The generator hack takes 6 seconds

Beta Signal
Hack generators from up to 10 meters away

Omega Signal
Hack generators from up to 15 meters away

Weapon Mastery
Augments the damage done by lethal weapons

Robot Slayer
Further augments weapon damage


In Conspiracy, you’ll come across several Cyborgs who have taken over Chicago and as the good vigilante; it’s your duty to become savior of the city.

To get rid of these Cyborgs, you’ll have to Profile them which will yield their weak points. However, if a Cyborg spots you, he’ll divert all his attention towards you.

They won’t attack you from a distance, but simply remain sessile with a detonator timer running over their heads. You must kill them before the timer runs out; otherwise, there won’t be any way you could save yourself from the explosion.

The best way of completing this Digital_Trip is by the utilization of Focus Boost. Killing each Cyborg will recharge your Focus Boost which is pretty helping.

Taking out all Cyborgs in every location will complete the mission.

Below, you’ll find different skills in this Digital_Trip:

Bomb Timer
You receive an extra 25 seconds to destroy all Cyborgs in an area once you make your move

Bomb Disruptor
It takes roughly twice as long for a Cyborg that’s reached you to set off its bomb

Upgraded Battery
Your scanner recharges faster

Scanner Battery
Your scanner recharges much faster

Concussive Shot
Shots from your pistol that don’t hit their weak spots will stagger Cyborgs for a couple of seconds. This will not prevent them from blowing up

Anti-Cybernetic Bullets
Gunshots actually freeze Cyborgs in place for a couple of seconds before the stagger from Concussive Shot kicks in

Sniper Rifle
You gain an SVD semi-automatic sniper rifle

You gain an SG-90 pump-action shotgun

You can now use Focus in Conspiracy

Hormonal Boost
You regenerate Focus faster


In Madness, you’ll see a whole different version of Chicago taken up by demons and unholy forces. Your task is to accomplish the provided goals before the timer runs out.

And the most important thing: you won’t be on your foot, but a demonic car (which will be impregnable to EVERYTHING).

With your beast of a ride, you’ll run over demons for higher killstreaks which will reward you with Soul Power. Soul Power is basically used to cause havoc around the city; more like your vehicular hacks in normal game.

Madness will throw in a wide variety of enemies and demonic powers to crush you. Here’s a brief overview:

Rifts are small demonic eruptions from earth which can reset your combos and throw you to farther distance and the only ways to destroy these are Soul Blast or Soul Sheer.

Demons are basically a slightly different version of Ghost-Riders (on foot) with their heads on fire. These will be your primary source of making long combo chains and completing various objectives.

Control Freaks are police officers which will engage in your pursuit throughout the city. However, there is no way they would be able to hunt you down.

The best way of completing this Digital_Trip is by sticking to the roads rather highways. These roads will have insane number of demons that you will be able to crush down for long combos.

As for your skills, Soul Blast is a great way of taking out Control Freaks and Rifts so use it wisely. Madness is a fun mode encourages driving recklessly to your heart’s content.

Following are some skills that you’ll find in Madness:

Expert Driver
Improves your car’s grip and acceleration

Master Driver
Improves your car’s top speed

Combo Expert
You get a few more seconds between kills before your Killstreaks expires

Combo Master
You receive double points from combos

Madness Mastery
You receive double the time to complete each challenge

Beta Wave Emitter
The stun now lasts a full 10 seconds

Improved Eruption
It no longer costs Soul Power to trigger eruptions

Eruption Mastery
Eruptions do double damage and cover twice the area when they explode

Soul Blast
Fires an energy blast from the front of the car that destroys whatever it hits and penetrates through both enemies and solid objects

Improved Soul Blast
Soul Blast costs half as much Soul Power to use

Soul Blast Mastery
Soul Blast’s size is doubled

Soul Shears
Push a button to deploy energy blades from your car’s tires. They remain until deactivated or until all Soul Power is exhausted

Soul Shears Mastery
Soul Shears use 50 percent less Soul Power

Demonic Power
Increases your Soul Power gauge by 25 percent

Increases your Soul Power gauge by 50 percent

Soul Devourer
You receive 50 percent more Soul Powers each time you gather a demon’s soul

Armored Car
The amount of Soul Power lost when you collide with rifts and other obstacles is reduced by half


This Digital_Trip is undoubtedly most fun and colorful of all. Your task is simple: you’ll be drifting through the air and you must stay in the air for longest duration of time.

But how will you do it? There will be several gigantic flowers suspended in the air which will push you into the air along with a speed bonus and you must go from flower to flower to stay afloat.

Furthermore, landing at the center of a flower will get you a perfect and higher score multiplier. After completing all 18 Levels of Psychedelic, you’ll unlock a new costume for Aiden.

The best way to complete Psychedelic is to have a good coordination, practice, and memory of tracks. You’ll also come across bonus rings which will guide you to the next flower, so keep an eye out on them.

And lastly, unlike other Digital_Trips, Psychedelic doesn’t have a separate skill tree.

Spider Tank

At the beginning of this Digital_Trips, you’ll find yourself in a gigantic 8-legged metallic spider tank with all sorts of weaponry.

Once again, your task is pretty simple: you’ll have to cause as much devastation as you can within allotted time-limit of each level.

The whole Digital_Trip is spread around 15 levels and your tank will have a heat gauge which will heat up by continuous usage of guns and missiles.

The damage taken up by your spider tank is automatically restored to zero at the completion of each level. This is a simple challenge with many things to destroy in Mad Mile. Here’s a brief overview:

You’ll come across a whole plethora of police officials trying to take you down. Take them out for bonuses and increase your score. The police will try to put you down both via ground and air (using helicopters). Taking out these helicopters will grant you maximum points.

The L-Train in Mad Mile is also a decent target for piling up huge scores and power-ups. Along with L-Train, you will also be able to take down civilians’ vehicles for extra points.

And lastly, you’ll also come across Satellite Beacons at the very tops of the buildings. Since your Spider Tank will be able to climb over buildings, you should have no difficulty in taking them down.

Here’s the skill tree for Spider Tank:

Hydraulic Claw
Using the claw takes less energy

Sharpened Claws
The claw’s damage is dramatically increased

Press (X/Triangle) in mid-air to perform a Spider-Crush, flattening anything underneath you

Reinforced Plating
The Spider Tank takes less damage from enemy gunfire

Titanium Plating
The Spider Tank takes no damage from small arms

Extra Reactor
The Energy gauge grows by 50 percent

Thermal Fusion Reactor
The Energy gauge grows by 33 percent of its previous size

Energy Recycling
The Energy gauge recharges faster if the tank has taken heavy damage

Emergency Protocol
If the tank is below 50 percent remaining health, the Energy gauge recharges very quickly

You can now carry 20 shells

Proton Shell
The splash damage from exploding shells is increased

Upgraded Chain Gun
The chain gun costs less energy to fire

Piercing Bullets
The chain gun does more damage

Improved Weapon Engine
It takes half as long to switch between the cannon and the chain gun

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