Watch Dogs Legion Albion Chapter Zero Tolerance Walkthrough

Like any other Chapter in Watch Dogs: Legion, Zero Tolerance is no slouch when it comes to challenging missions. Don’t...

Like any other Chapter in Watch Dogs: Legion, Zero Tolerance is no slouch when it comes to challenging missions. Don’t worry though, our Zero Tolerance Chapter guide for Watch Dogs: Legion is here to help you through the different objectives of every mission in the entire chapter.

Watch Dogs Legion Zero Tolerance

The Zero Tolerance Chapter includes the following missions:

  • Gap in the Armour
  • Inside Albion
  • Recruit an Albion Guard
  • Saving Schemes
  • In the Belly of the Beast

Let’s go through them one by one.

Gap in the Armour

This is the first mission of the Zero Tolerance Albion Chapter which you can start by tracing ‘Gap in the armour’ on your map following the Bloody Marry Kelly Mission.

Go to the safe house as indicated on the map and meet Bagley, who will brief the team regarding the plan.

The first part of the mission is to locate Hamish at Battlebridge Basin. Go to DedSec Safehouse and follow the marker to Battlebridge Basin.

Hack into Bolaji’s flat by either Hijacking a Cargo drone over the water or Hijacking the window washing platform or Using the Construction worker operative to summon a cargo drone.

You need to get on the roof so you can avoid the traps in the flat.

When on the roof, get to the ctOS terminal to gain access to the flat. You can then use the camera view to disarm the traps.

You will have to interact with the device on the desk to disarm the traps in his flat. Before doing all this, you need to unlock the network bypass.

Find the blue node and make your way to the red one. The first blue node is near the front door.

From here, connect the red nodes, use the second camera and the wall above Bolaji’s Bed to finally connect the red node to the blue one on his desk.

After successfully dealing with all the traps, your next objective is to enter Hamish’s flat. His flat is across the water.

You can also collect a tech point on the roof to the south. Go to the marker to trigger the cutscene where Hamish Bolaji speaks to you.

Finally, you will have to escape. Run away from his flat and use your weapons and other equipment to hack drones and keep the Albion cops off your tail. Find a car and drive away.

Inside Albion and Recruiting Albion Guard

The first part of this mission is to Scout the London Tower. Once near the tower, a new mission starts where you will have to meet a contact who will help you get inside.

Follow the updated marker to meet the contact that will help you recruit and Albion employee into DedSec.

After meeting the contact, you will now have a new DedSec recruit. You will now need to help the Albion employee get medicine.

First of all, you need to download the drug Shipment info by simply hijacking a drone and flying it towards the marker.

Download the info near the ledge. The next part is to steal a medical van.

To get the van, you need to get rid of the two guards and open the gates. To get rid of the guards, silently wait for them to split and then take them out one by one.

To open the gate, you need to interact with the Closed circuit terminal. Use the ID pad at the gate to find the terminal and use the spider bot to interact with it.

Finally, deliver the van to the new marker, resulting in recruiting an Albion worker willing to return the favor anyhow. You can now switch to this employee as an operator.

The next mission will be a part of Inside Albion. You need to Infiltrate the tower. Return to the London Tower as an Albion Employee working for DedSec.

You can go through the area undetected.

For the next Objective, interact with the ID pad in the center of the Facility, which will lead you to a new area.

Now you have to Spy on Nigel’s meeting. When you are in the new area, go across the room and hijack the cameras to identify the guards after using the stairways on the left to go up.

Only the guard with the solid dots above them should be concerning. Use your hacking skills to distract these guards.

Across the room is the door which requires a security pass, which you can forge by interacting with the computer in the room on the other side of the door. Once done, head back to the door to start the meeting cutscene.

After the cutscene, the entire facility will be on red alert and you will have to escape through Catacombs.

Escaping stealthy or aggressively is entirely up to your play style. The way out is through the Catacombs on the lowest level, which you can access through the stairs.

Once there, find the rusty door and continue forward till you see a hole in the ground.

Hop down below and continue straight till you find a shattered light. Make a left and find the iron door, which you can open with the lever.

Drop into the hole after opening the gate and then at the end of the Catacombs, a cutscene will appear, rendering the mission complete.

Saving Schemes

Once on the safe house, head over to Bagley’s Table where you can trigger the next mission.

The main part of this mission is to steal the Micro Drone Schematics. Follow the mission marker to reach the Albion Drone Facility.

Having the Albion Uniform will definitely help here. The best way to enter the facility to stay undetected is through the unlocked door on the northern side.

ast this door is a ladder on your left, which will take you to the mission marker ‘Unlock the Drone Lab.’

Use the spider bot to get the Schematics or go in yourself after unlocking the drone lab.

This will end the mission and a cutscene will start where Hamish and Bagley will be talking about shutting down the project Themis before its launch.

The Belly of the Beast

You will need to go to Tidis using a car to once again enter a restricted area. As always, you should hijack the cameras to mark the guards.

You can make your way to the marker using the spider bot too.

You can find the vent on the left wall right after the entrance. Guide the spiderbot through the vent, up the stairs and then right.

Use the vents by each door to get closer to the marker. Download the key from the patrolling captain on your way, which you can use to unlock the door.

Go past the two sliding doors while avoiding the guards, using the vents where necessary.

The next objective is to Access the Vault. Use interact with the Hard drive to find the project’s location below Tidis in a vault.

You need to use the elevator to access this area. Use the spiderbot.

Hack the ID pad for the elevator to find the closed circuit terminal, go through the small ctOS vent to access the terminal and unlock the Elevator.

In the next objective, you will need to Deploy the Micro Drones. Use the Spiderbot terminal placed nearby.

Head into the nearby server through the ctOS vent, hop on the server to reach another vent on the corner, continue till you drop into a room with the security laser.

Go across the laser and head through the open vent on your left. You will now find a terminal that you can hack into.

The next part is to Destroy the Power Grid. In this part, you will use your microdrone. Shoot the lasers on the first door with two red light above it.

This will drop the vent down. Continue straight till you find some fans, pass them and turn right into the vent and follow the set of fives pipes to avoid being blown into the blue walls by the fans.

There are a few blue walls and two vents you need to smash through in the next area. Make sure you don’t move through when the area is orange.

Wait and move when it’s blue. Use the blue walls in the next area to avoid the airflow.

In the next area, jump into the two fans that will push you through a vent. Avoid hitting the walls and use the fans in the next area to move forward.

Destroy the vent with the red lights above it and go through the spiral passage. You will find more orange zones and vents as you move forward.

In the next section, use the set of five pipes to go towards the marker.

Go through the hot area and let the two fans push you down to the power grid. Destroy the glowing cores to get the job done.

Now comes the final part of this missions ‘Access the Themis Files’.

The power grid is toppled and there are no lasers to worry about. Run through the rooms till you reach the room with the yellow marker.

Interact with the glowing red keyboard here and when Nigel’s video about Project Themis ends, return to the previous room to put a virus into the computer to destroy the files.

Finally, return to the elevator and escape the facility. This will finish the Watch Dogs Legion Zero Tolerance chapter and begin Family Busines chapter.