Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you complete Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business, providing tips and hints for every main story mission related to the 404 faction in the game.

Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business

The Family Business Chapter starts when a group called 404 contacts you and invites you to join them. Sabine relays their message and recommends that you infiltrate them to get their connections.

Initiate Sequence

To start the first mission of Watch Dogs Legion Family Business chapter, you need to get to the mission marker. It is a ctOS hub covered in 404 graffiti.

Here, connect to the hub and select “Download 404 Contract”. as soon as you do so, you’ll get a message to get to the Walkie Talkie Club. It s a club that is supposed to be a front for Clan Kelly.

Get to the Club and get inside the building. Use the elevator and head to the top, where you are to search for facial recognition AI on the instructions of 404. you cannot get inside directly yourself.

As soon as you get off the elevator, get to the staircase on the left and locate the vent, from which you can send in the Spiderbot.

The vent leads to the room inside, and it has no guards so down worry about patrols.

Get to the next vent and into the room where you can interact with the Hub to advance the mission. Leave the Spiderbot, as you cannot get it out, just exit the building.

The AI software is not at the hub, but a relay sending data you reach the ground floor, Bagley finds that the data is being relayed to Broca Tech, a huge software development company.

The AI software itself can be found at the Broca Tech HQ, so that is your new destination.

At Broca Tech, you are tasked with finding and erasing the AI. Use the cameras to mark guards and find the AI console.

In case you are able to hijack the camera in the server room, you need to get through the network bypass puzzle.

You can either go inside yourself, but the easier way is to send your Spiderbot to go in and erase the AI for you at the ctOS hub.

Once you have erased the facial recognition AI, just head outside the restricted area and the mission is complete.

404 Not Found

Once done with the Initiate Sequence mission, the leader of 404 realizes you are a member of DedSec and invites you to her Somerset house to work with her. DedSec crew is a little uneasy about this as Bagley cannot find any information on her.

Get close to the Somerset house building and the mission will update to “Access Nowt’s AV Server”.

Find the ctOS hub inside the area marked by the mission. You can do it personally or send a Spiderbot.

You’d need to get to the back end of the restricted area, where you will find a staircase leading up to a server room at the back of the stage. The ctOS hub can be found here.

Interact with it to start a video chat with Nowt, where she tells you that she has been investigating a massive contract, but needs you to earn her trust, by doing another contract for the 404.

The next step of the mission is to head to Nexus tower.make the long journey and the mission objective changes to “Erase Quantum Computer”.

It is a computer used by Albion to stimulate responses on people in events like mass arrests, bombing and deportation. The contract is to erase th computer.

Just turn left as soon as you enter the Nexus Tower up the stairs against the wall. It leads to a fan that can be hacked and enter through this gets you to the second story of the tower, where the computer is present.

You need to be alert of the turrets guarding the computer as well a the security lasers. However, you need to bypass the network before you can progress.

Hijack the camera near the computer to interact with the panel. Doing so will reveal the Network Bypass puzzle surrounding the computer, and running vertically upwards.

You need to start at the blue node near the top and work your way down.

You can use the cameras on each floor to hijack the security drones to do your work for you.

In case a guard is alerted of the drone, he will disable it. Just wait a few minutes before hijacking it again to not cause any issues.

Once the Bypass is complete, disable the field around the ctOS terminal, then send in Spiderbot to do the rest. This will take some time so make sure you are well hidden from the turrets.

Once it has been completely erased, exit the Nexus Tower restricted area and wait for Nowt to contact you. As soon as she does, get to the marked location.

Climb to top of the building as soon as you get there, taking out the guards as you progress. Once you reach near the mission marker, it is a ctOS hub that is locked.

Send in the Spiderbot to hack in and get the GBB recording of the CEO of Broca Tech, Skye Larsen.

Once the recording ends, get off the building and the mission 404 Not Found will conclude.

Coming Home

At the end of the last mission, 404 Not Found, Nowt gave you the address to Skye Larsen’s house near St. Jame’s Square.

Bagley cannot find the exact location so you’d need to get to the area and search for clues to find her house.

As you get to St. Jame’s Square, get to the park and look at the houses on the outskirts of the area. You will recognize Larsen’s house as it is the one restricted and with guards.

Before you enter the area, head to the booth near the front eastern corner to get a key. You can do so by either using a drone or sending the Spiderbot.

With the key, interact with the front door ID pad to discover a Network Bypass puzzle.

As soon as the puzzle is revealed, follow the red line to the eastern side of the house.

You will face a new challenge here, as the red nodes that are pulsating more than usual, have a timer with them, and you need to be fast before it resets to its original position.

For this Network Bypass puzzle, you’ll need to make the blue path reach the timed node at the top, near the center.

Connecting to the locked red node from the bottom and right side will unlock it. Just make sure you interact with the locked node before the timed node resets, so you don’t have to start the timed node again.

A useful trick to deal with these timed nodes is to first rotate every other node in place. Once it is done, set the timed node to easily unlock the first node, then move on to the next.

Once you finish this part successfully and unlock the node, you’ll no longer need the timed node. And the path will lead right to a blue node above the door ID pad for completing this Network Bypass.

Now to enter Skye Larsen’s hose, you need to get to the door as the walls are way too high to climb. Towards the left side of her house, you can enter the garden over the fence.

Sneak past the guards here and enter her home. As soon as you enter, you are greeted by an AI that welcomes you as Skye Larsen.

Head upstairs to a blue IT room and interact with the keyboard to unlock the elevator. Head back downwards and use the elevator to get to the basement lab.

Oddly, the basement has another garden with a cottage in between. You need to search for clues.

Use the gazebo off to the left where the Hospital Wristband relic is. This reveals a keycode on the wristband for getting through the front door.

As soon as you enter the cottage, the mission objective becomes to “Investigate the Cottage”.

As soon as you enter, an AR reconstruction will already be taking place of a conversation between Larsen and her mother.

You can find multiple collectibles here like a drawing on the fridge in the kitchen or a dog collar in the garage.

These have codes on them that you need to access many of the locked rooms in the house.

In the garage interact with the computer terminal near the caged Spiderbot, triggering the AI to tell you to go upstairs.

Make your way into Skye’s bedroom get a photograph with a handwritten note on it. As you leave to enter the hallway again, an other AR reconstruction event is triggered.

Enter the room across the hall and here, pick up another relic, a Case of Sedatives. A locked door downstairs now leads into the basement.

Turn left down the stairs and head to the corner to get a Get Well Card relic.

Once you move a little deeper into the room, another AR reconstruction will take place that reveals a Tablet relic.

Once you have all the relics, the AI will instruct you to enter their room and shows you a video of Larsen and her mother.

The video reveals that Skye Larsen experimented on her mother, turning her into the house AI.

Despite being in pain, Skye continued working on her mother until she almost couldn’t think or speak anymore.

Move into the next room by interacting with the ID pad and a cutscene will trigger where the AI will speak to you regarding the video mentioned.

As soon as the cutscene is over, interact with the computer panel and this will end the mission.

The last objective will be to leave Larsen’s house. You can get another collectible upstairs in a previously locked room.

As you leave the elevator out of the odd basement, Nowt will contact you that she is waiting outside and a cutscene starts where the two of you discuss t deal with Skye Larsen.

Into the Void

The last mission of the Watch Dogs Legion Family Business chapter has you tracking down Skye Larsen. Hack into the Blume server to track down Larsen down for Into the Void.

To hack the Blume server, scout the building using hacker senses and hijack a camera inside. Then from this, hack the ctOS camera behind a glass window. Descend and open a fan across the way.

Proceed through the window and keep hacking open the fans in your way until you get into the yellow lined Blume server.

As soon as you enter the server, a video of Skye Larsen will start playing.

After the Blume server is hacked, the next target is to find a way into a Quantum Lab downstairs.

The Building Complex has two paths you can take, each is secured by security laser doors. Fortunately, you can easily climb them as long as the guard is distracted.

Head through the left door that lead into an office with a key inside. This key is not a requirement for the Into the Void mission but will unlock many other areas in the building.

Make it to the elevator with the mission marker without being detected to enter the next zone.

Before you complete the next step for the mission, you’ll need to complete a Network Bypass puzzle.

Hijack a camera near the mission objective and interact with the panel to disable the left hemisphere.

This will reveal the blue node next to the panel that leads below it. The puzzle is on the eastern side of the facility. It is better to hijack a ctOS drone near the Bypass puzzle.

Once you are done with the puzzle, the device with the final node inside will open. The lights will be turned red instead of the usual bright white.

Now you’ll need to manually disable the left hemisphere. Use stealth to takeout guards to make things easier for yourself.

Next, you need to disable the right hemisphere. Again, you will have to complete a new Network bypass puzzle, but on the western side of the room.

As the right hemisphere is disabled, security will rush into the room, and you have to take them head-on and stealth is not an option this time.

The southern side of the room has an ammo pack that you can use in case.

Once you’ve finished dealing with the remaining guards, the southern doorway will unlock.

As you walk down this hallway, Skye Larsen will try to convince you to stop by talking about Project Daybreak.

As you pass through the final door, a short cutscene will reveal a body inside a tube connected to cables.

Nowt confirms that Skye Larsen is on life support in that tube. Here, you have a chance to either spare her or kill her. You get to decide whether she is a sadistic monster or a leading visionary.

Once you have made your decision, it will determine some dialogues that follow.

However, the ultimate outcome leads to the death of Skye Larson and the authorities shut down the Daybreaker project as a symbol of respect for Skye Larson’s death.

Returning from Larson’s chambers, more security arrives and tries to arrest you. Reach the elevator and escape the Blume Complex.

If you die, you’ll switch to another operative outside the Blume Complex, and the mission will end, ending the Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business.

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