Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business Walkthrough

This walkthrough will help you complete Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business, providing tips and hints for every main story mission.

This walkthrough will help you complete Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business, providing tips and hints for every main story mission related to the 404 faction in the game. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter: Family Business

When a group named 404 reaches you and encourages you to join them, the Family Business Chapter begins. Sabine sends her message and advises you to infiltrate them in order to get access to their contacts and assets.

Initiate Sequence

You must first arrive to the mission marker at Camden High Street to begin the first mission of the Watch Dogs Legion Family Business chapter. It’s a ctOS hub with 404 graffiti on it. Once you have reached the location, interact with the hub and access the 404 ctOS Hub.

After that, go to the marker which is the Walkie Talkie Club. Enter the building and use the elevator. Get out of the elevator and take left. Go upstairs and look for a vent and the Spiderbot. Spiderbot will be right next to the vent.

You need Spiderbot to access the Facial Recognition AI because you cannot do that in person. Call Spiderbot and get inside the vent. Move forward and you will find yourself in a room.

There will be another vent right in front of the vent. Get inside that vent and it will take you to another room. Now jump onto the table by the left wall and get into the vent.

Take a left and then another left to find yourself in another room. Access the ctOS Hub on your right to access the Facial Recognition AI. Leave the Spiderbot there, get on the elevator you came from and exit the Walkie Talkie Club.

The AI software is not at the hub, but rather a relay that sends data to another location. Bagley discovers that the data is being passed to Broca Tech and Broca Tech HQ is where you’ll find the AI software, therefore that’s your new destination.

Instead of using the front gate to enter the building, use the back gate. You won’t be able to get inside the back gate at first. Hijack the cameras to know about the number of guards inside and their location.

Throw the Infiltrator Spiderbot inside the building. Call Spiderbot and look for a ctOS Hub to open the back gate so you can enter the building. There will be small stairs on the right side. Head upstairs and take left. ctOS hub will be by the right wall.

Access the Hub and then you will be able to open the gate from the outside. Now recall the Spiderbot and head inside the building in person. Make sure not to draw attention of the guards because otherwise you have to fight your way through them.

Go to the upper level and enter the main building. There will be a guard on your right. Take him down and wait for the other guard to come from the left. Take him down as well.

Now you can either send the Spiderbot to erase the data or you can do it yourself by getting through the Network Bypass Puzzle. We will use the Spiderbot. There is a vent opening outside the room where the ctOS hub is marked.

Erase the AI at Broca Tech by access ctOS Hub and that will conclude Initiate Sequence Mission. Now head outside the building to start the next mission named 404 Not Found.

404 Not Found

When you complete the Initiate Sequence assignment, the leader of 404 will find out about you being a DedSec member and invites you to her Somerset House to work with her. Get to the Somerset House and Meet Nowt.

Once you have reached your destination, you wont be able to enter through the door first. Send in the Spiderbot to fund the Closed Circuit Terminal and access it on the left side of the door. Now you will be able to open the door from outside.

Open the door to find yourself in an alley. Go straight and enter through the gate on your left. There will be a guard inside. Take him down and go left and then right to find yourself in another alley.

Go upstairs on your left and you will stairs that will lead to your location on the upper level. Go upstairs by avoiding the guards and the drone. Head inside and access the Nowt’s AV Server. That will play a video for you.

After the video, leave the area and head towards the Nexus Tower. Now you have to erase the Quantum Computer which is on the upper level of the Nexus Tower.

Get inside the building from the main gate. Jump over the glass and eliminate the two people in the room. Go through the door and get on the upper level without alerting anyone or you will have to fight.

The Quantum computer will be on this level and well-guarded. The turrets defending the computer, as well as the security lasers, must be avoided. However, before you can proceed, you must first bypass the network.

First of all, you have to unlock the Internal Network. To interact with the panel, hijack the camera near the computer. The Network Bypass puzzle will appear around the computer and going vertically upwards as a result of this action.

For that, you have to hijack multiple cameras and drones to solve the puzzle for unlocking the Internal Network. Start at the top, near the blue node, then work your way down.

You may utilize the security drones to perform your work for you by hijacking the cameras on each floor. If a guard is notified of the drone, he will take action to deactivate it. To avoid any problems, simply wait a few minutes before hijacking it again.

After the Bypass is complete, deactivate the field around the ctOS terminal and send Spiderbot in to finish the job. Make sure you’re completely hidden from the turrets because this will take some time.

Exit the Nexus Tower restricted area after the data has been totally removed and wait for Nowt to contact you. Get to the designated spot which is GBB as soon as she contacts you.

You have to go to the roof of GBB to discover the Nowt’s Big Contract. For that, you have to go to the back of the building. Use the Spiderbot to find the Closed Circuit Terminal. Open the gate from the outside. Use the stairs and ladder to get to the top of the building.

You will encounter two guards on your way up to the top. Once you are at the top, eliminate the guard on your left. Now hijack the camera near the room containing the ctOS Hub and download the key from a computer.

Access the room with that key and send the Spiderbot to interact with the ctOS Hub and download the video of Skye Larsen. After the video is over, get off the building and the mission 404 Not Found will conclude.

Coming Home

Now get to the Skye Larsen’s House. Get a key from the booth in the front eastern corner before entering the area. You may either use a drone or deploy the Spiderbot to do so. Interact with the front door ID pad using the key to solve the Network Bypass challenge.

Follow the red line to the eastern side of the home as soon as the puzzle is revealed. You’ll have to deal with a new obstacle here, as the red nodes that are pulsing more than normal have a timer attached to them, and you’ll have to act quickly before it resets to its previous location.

To complete this Network Bypass puzzle, you must guide the blue path to the timed node towards the top. The locked red node may be unlocked by connecting to it from the bottom and right sides. To avoid having to restart the timed node, make sure you interact with the locked node before the timer resets.

To cope with these timed nodes, it’s a good idea to rotate every other node in place first. After that, use the timed node to quickly unlock the first node before moving on to the next.

You won’t need the timed node once you’ve completed this section and unlocked the node. And for completing this Network Bypass, the path will travel directly to a blue node above the entrance ID pad.

Now look for a big drone flying near the house. Hijack it, get on top of it and get inside the house. Now eliminate the guard and enter the house. Get on the upper level of the house and head into the IT room. To unlock the elevator, use the keyboard to interact with it. Return to the ground level and take the elevator to the basement lab.

You will find yourself in a garden with a cottage, which is quite odd. You have to collect as much clues as you can. There is a gazebo on your left. Go there to collect a Hospital Wristband relic. There will be 4 digits on the wrist band. That will be the entrance code for the cottage.

Get inside the Skye Larsen’s cottage and investigate the cottage for clues. As soon as you walk in, an AR recreation of a dialogue between Larsen and her mother will begin.

Various artefacts may be found here, such as a sketch on the refrigerator in the kitchen or a dog collar in the garage. These include codes that must be entered to get entry to several of the house’s sealed rooms.

Pick up the dog collar in the garage and use the computer terminal beside the imprisoned Spiderbot to interact with it. You should go upstairs, as the AI will instruct you. Enter Skye’s room to obtain a picture with a scribbled note. Another AR reconstruction event is triggered when you exit the room and go into the hallway.

Pick up another relic, a Case of Sedatives, in the room across the hall. The basement is now accessible through a closed door on the main floor. To obtain a Get Well Card relic, turn left down the stairs and walk to the corner.

Another AR reconstruction will take place when you travel farther into the area, revealing a Tablet relic. Once you’ve collected all of the relics, the AI will direct you to their chamber and play a clip of Larsen and her mother.

Skye Larsen experimented on her mother, turning her into the house AI, according to the video. Despite her suffering, Skye continued to work on her mother until she was unable to think or talk.

By interacting with the ID pad in the next room, a sequence will play in which the AI will speak to you about the clip you just saw. After the cutscene, interact with the computer panel to free Skye Larsen’s mother, and the quest will be completed. Skye’s mother will provide Skye’s location in exchange for her release.

The final goal will be to get out of Larsen’s residence. Another collectable may be found above in a previously sealed chamber. As you exit the unusual basement elevator, Nowt will notify you that she is waiting outside, and a cutscene will begin in which the two of you debate how to deal with Skye Larsen.

Into the Void

As soon as exit the Skye Larsen’s House, you will receive a video message from Skye Larsen in which she will threaten you and will tell you to stay away from her.

Now, you have to locate Skye Larsen at Blume. For that, you have to hack into the Blume server to track down Larsen down for Into the Void.

Get to the Blume Complex indicated by the yellow marker. First, you have to hack the Blume Server. Get inside the building and eliminate the guard inside. Get the Access Key from a Notebook Computer on the left side of the entrance.

Then, behind a glass pane, hack the ctOS Drone. Descend and open a fan across the room. Continue through the window, hacking open any fans that come in your way until you reach the yellow-lined Blume server. A video of Skye Larsen will begin playing as soon as you hijack the server.

After hacking the Blume server, the next goal is to gain access to a Quantum Lab downstairs. There are two ways through the Building Complex, each of which is guarded by security laser doors. Fortunately, as long as the guard is preoccupied, you can easily climb them.

Proceed to the left door, which leads to an office with a key. This key isn’t required for the task, but it does open up a lot of other doors in the building. Remember to quietly kill the guard in the security room.

To access the next zone, make it to the elevator with the task marker without being spotted. To disable the left hemisphere, exit the elevator and solve a Network Bypass puzzle.

Interact with the panel to deactivate the left hemisphere by hijacking a camera near the mission target. The blue node adjacent to the panel that leads below it will be revealed as a result of this action. The solution is located on the facility’s eastern flank. It is preferable to take control of a ctOS drone close to the Bypass puzzle.

The device with the final node within will unlock once you have completed the puzzle. Instead of being bright white, the lights will be colored red. Get to the spot that has been indicated.

The left hemisphere must be turned off manually. To avoid alerting anybody else, take down guards in a stealthy manner. Once the left hemisphere has been deactivated, proceed to the specified area to learn about the new Network Bypass Puzzle required to disable the right hemisphere.

You must turn off the right hemisphere. To disable the right hemisphere, you must solve this new Network bypass puzzle on the western side of the area.

Disable the right hemisphere after you’ve solved the Network Bypass Puzzle. Security will rush into the room since the right hemisphere is disabled, and you must confront them head-on because stealth is not an option this time.

There is an ammunition pack on the southern side of the room that you may utilize. The southern entryway will unlock once you’ve dealt with the remaining guards. You will now have the opportunity to confront Skye in her Chamber.

Skye Larsen will try to persuade you to turn around by discussing Project Daybreak as you travel down this corridor. A brief cutscene will show a corpse inside a tube linked to wires when you walk through the last door.

Nowt will tell you that the corpse on the tube is Skye Larsen, and that she is dying. Skye Larsen’s fate will be your decision to make. You’ll decide whether she deserves to live or die. You get to choose whether she’s a nasty monster or a visionary leader.

Once you’ve made your decision, the discussions that follow will be determined by it. However, Skye Larson is killed in the end, and the Daybreaker is shut down by the authorities.

You must now depart from the area. Once you exit Skye’s Chamber, more security will come. Escape the Blume Complex by taking the elevator. On your way out, there will be a number of guards. If you don’t want to be killed, make sure you get rid of them.

If you die, you’ll be replaced by a new agent outside the Blume Complex, and the operation will be completed, bringing the Watch Dogs Legion 404 Chapter Family Business to a close. You will also earn a trophy named The Future is Bright.

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