Watch Dogs Legion SIRS Chapter Spy Games Walkthrough

Infiltrate and uncover the truth about the bombings with the help of our detailed Watch Dogs Legion Spy Games walkthrough.

In this Watch Dogs: Legion Spy Games walkthrough, we’ll be walking you through some useful strategies to keep you flowing through each of the missions in the SIRS chapter of the main story.

Watch Dogs Legion’s main storyline takes place over a number of different chapters tied to specific factions in the game. One such faction is the SIRS, an intelligence branch of the government.

Watch Dogs Legion SIRS Chapter Spy Games

Spy Games is an interesting storyline that involves the SIRS, the intelligence branch of the government, and a very intriguing not-so-friendly face by the name of Richard Malik.

DedSec will have to deal with all the problems thrown at their feet as they try to fight off against a city that’s out to hunt them down.

Below we have given the complete walkthrough of each of the missions in the Spy Games chapter of SIRS storyline in Watch Dogs Legion.

The Whistleblower

Investigate the SOS Signal
For the Whistleblower chapter, you’ll initially receive an SOS signal from a Coffee Shop. Head to the location of the signal and figure out who is sending it and for what reason.

As you sit in the shop, someone will drop off a phone at the table. Pick it up, and listen in for more information.

The SIRS Contact
The person on the phone call has provided you with a meeting spot. Head to the location to meet the SIRS contact. Investigate around the area, and you’ll find yourself heading to a locked room.

Unlock the blue node past the circular structure and go inside to gain access to the AR footage.

This will allow you to reconstruct the entire scene to figure out what happened with the SIRS contact.

Follow the AR Vehicle
When you finally reconstruct the entire scene, you will find out that the SIRS contact had been taken into custody.

Get into a car, and follow the vehicle’s path to the garage. This will reveal yet another scene that you can further analyze.

You’ll find out that our contact is being tortured. Head to the newly discovered location and attempt to rescue the SIRS contact.

Rescue the SIRS Contact
You can attempt to infiltrate the place by getting an Albion or Construction Worker uniform.

You can also attempt to sabotage the various devices around the place in order to take everyone out.

Work your way through the facility, and go downstairs to the torture room. Deal with the guard and hack into the room by downloading the key.

Rescue the contact, and you’ll find out that the name of our mysterious contact was Richard Malik.

Escape the area to simply complete the mission.

Espionage 101

You’ve rescued Richard Malik, and now it’s time to gain some insight on the entire matter. Malik believes that Zero-Day has a plan to do a bombing greater in magnitude than the one at the very start of the game.

Infiltrate the SIRS HQ
This brings us to the doorstep of the SIRS HQ. Malik will call you on arrival and ask you to find a supercomputer called Filament.

Scout the entire area and hijack a camera on the roof near the mission marker. Summon a cargo drone, and use it to get yourself to the ctOS terminal and hack it.

Access Personnel Files
You’ll find yourself with a security camera perspective in a camera room with a Spiderbot terminal located at the end of the hallway.

Use it to spawn a normal Spiderbot and hack it. Retrace your steps back, and go through the vent. You will find yourself with the Filament supercomputer.

Interact with the yellow outline mission marker for the Filament Router, and a Network Bypass will become visible. Follow the red path to the blue node just below the router.

Run along the line, and rotate each node until you finally reach the locked node. Use the separate blue node near the center to access the locked node.

Create two shorter paths to the locked node using the blue node and then follow it to the first locked node. Simply follow the cables now until you reach the center.

You can find four timed nodes with different timers that may be between 18 to 30 seconds long.

Just follow the path from left to right, and you will unlock the locked node and be able to access the Filament router.

Follow the yellow cables to the router and interact with it to access all the files you need. This completes Espionage 101.

Honey Trap

After successfully stealing data from the Filament, you will get a message from Mali.

Head to the meeting spot near the obelisk named Cleopatra’s Needle. Interact with the marker to wait for Malik.

Find a Liaison
Find a liaison with SIRS credentials to squeeze through the data, you stole from the Filament.

Head to Downing Street, and hack into the liaison’s assistant. Unfortunately, there aren’t any cameras looking directly at the assistant.

Use the Spiderbot or a drone to download information from them. Stay within the blue circle for a little while before starting.

Get the Spiderbot close to the assistant, in a hiding spot. Try not to get spotted, or you’ll have to deal with a lot of guards and drones. Download the data, and head to the next location.

Seduce the Liaison
As it turns out, good old-fashioned hacking isn’t going to solve our problems, and thus we must now do the unforgivable; hack into someone’s heart.

Grab a male/female operative, and seduce the Liaison to grab the pictures for Malik and complete the Honey Trap mission.

If you fail once, try switching to a character with a different gender to succeed in seducing the Liaison.

Hunting Zero-Day

Meet up with Richard Malik at Westminster Abbey. Wait at the bench, and he’ll mention that he knows who runs Zero-Day. He asks you to confirm his suspicions first.

Hack into the MI:6 File Server
Go to the next marker, and prepare to hack into the MI:6 server. Hack a key off the guards using the cameras, and head through the entrance. Toss a Spiderbot and go downstairs through the left doorway to the mission objective.

Use the railing walls to keep your Spiderbot hidden. Hack into the server once you reach it, which will consequently set off the alarm.

Fight off the wave of guards until the hack is completed and escape the area.

Spy on the Meeting
Make your way to the next location and scan for cameras. Search the roof of the restricted building and you’ll find a locked door and a missing key. Interact with the ID pad to mark the key location.

Use a drone to download the keys and reach the roof using the orange pipes on the Northern side of the building.

You can use a Spiderbot to reach the room with the ctOS hub and tap the Camera-013: Level P2 button.

You will now have access to a camera overlooking a camera closer to the meeting. Spy on the meeting and quickly escape the restricted area once again.

Follow Emma Child’s Car
You’ve just learned that Emma wants to kill Malik, and it is now time to follow her out of the meeting. As you try to tail her, she’ll realize that someone is trying to follow her car.

Once she calls Albion, you can choose to run away immediately, without ever getting into a fight, causing Richard to go underground.

Smoking Gun

Smoking Gun starts off with finding SIRS safehouses throughout London and Bagley has given you a location to investigate.

Search for Malik’s Hideout at Country Hall
Bagley attempts to use Richard’s last message to find out the location of his hideout. Use another operative to threaten Richard.

Go to Malik’s hideout and hack into cameras until you find a way in. You can find a guard on top in the center with a key that you can download.

Go up top using the orange pipes on the eastern side of the restricted area. You can also use a window cleaning platform on the southern side of the restricted area.

Reach the marker, and you’ll find a lever that you need to activate to progress further.

Climb the ladder to get to the marked location, or use a cargo drone using the center pad. Spiderbots won’t work.

Defend the Bagley Drone
Use the lever, and it will reveal a Network Bypass. Bagley will then hijack a drone to complete the puzzle while you defend him from any incoming re-enforcements. Find cover, and fend off the waves of incoming enemies.

After Bagley’s done hacking into the Network Bypass, go back to the lever and access the safehouse.

Interact with it to reveal a doorway in the center. Run in and call Richard on the computer inside to get your message across to him.

Rescue DedSec Operative
Malik will call in after the threat and ask for help with Emma Child. He will bring up a construction site where a DedSec operative is being held hostage.

Go to the marker underneath the bridge. Here, find the key by interacting with the trailer ID pad to identify which guard has the key.

Download the key and get to the trailer without alerting anyone. Interact with the door to enable a cutscene with Emma, and complete the mission.

Kill Box

Emma Child releases the DedSec operative, and you now have to meet up with Richard Malik once again.

Rescue the DedSec Operative
Go to the marker where you can find the DedSec operative cuffed in a tunnel. Rescue him, and head over to the Trafalgar Square.

Emma Child will contact you prior to arriving, and bring up a plan to kill Malik at the meeting spot. Wait at the bench for Malik, and soon you’ll realize that Malik isn’t showing up.

Find Malik
Hack into the people around you to try and find Malik with Bagley’s help. Go to the new marked location where you’ll find a dead drop.

A cutscene will initiate where Malik will be informing you about a possible detonator in the trash.

An explosion will set off in the distance, and it’s time to run. Escape the Albion employees and drones. Sprint out of the vicinity, and find a car to drive away in.

DedSec will now be on the radar, and all operatives are wanted. This will complete the Kill Box mission.

The Malik Dossier

After the unfortunate events of Kill Box, you’ll find yourself in a safehouse with a team briefing.

Every operative is wanted, and you need a plan. Richard Malik will be on the TV appearing on the TV before SIRS Director of Counter-Terrorism.

Malik puts all his chips on the table and blames DedSec for being a terrorist organization.

Infiltrating the SIRS HQ
Break into the SIRS HQ, and connect Bagley to the Filament terminal. Interact with the Filament router to reveal the Network Bypass puzzle.

Follow the blue node found on the left-side of the router and send it all the way to the right side. Continue to trace the path and rotate each node until you reach back the router.

Accessing the Filament
Malik will cut off Bagley’s communication and ask DedSec to join him at the SIRS to avoid any violence. DedSec will courteously decline his offer. Continue to the elevator inside the HQ.

Disable any security systems leading up to the lift, to make the path clearer for you. Guards will however re-activate the system should they find it inactive.

Interact with the ID pad on the lift to continue. You will now be deep into the SIRS HQ along with the Filament terminal. Go down the hallway and let Bagley into the computer.

Destroy 7 Microwave Drones
Trying to hack into Filament will set off a security response and will seal off the server room.

You will now be left trapped with Microwave Drones to deal with the intrusion. Take cover, and hijack the Microwave Drone to deal with the rest.

Head to the server room to progress to the next objective.

Reboot the Servers
Reboot each of the Filament’s servers which will start a Downloading Dossier meter. Defend each of the server spots from the security.

Hijack a drone, and deal with all of the guards and drones. After the download is complete, no more waves of enemies will come forward.

You can now head back to the Filament terminal outside the server room. Connect Bagley once again to trigger a cutscene with Richard Malik.

The Malik Dossier mission will be completed once the cutscene ends.

Barbarians at The Gate

Once you’ve completed The Malik Dossier mission, you will be back in the safehouse.

You will find Malik detained at the DedSec safehouse. Go over to him and interrogate him for more information regarding Zero-Day.

You will complete the Barbarians at the Gate mission after the brief interrogation with Richard Malik and thus complete the Watch Dogs Legion Spy Games SIRS Chapter.

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