Watch Dogs Legion Skilled Operatives Guide

You can recruit anyone to be a part of DedSec in Watch Dogs Legion but that doesn’t mean you should. In this guide, we have given locations of each highly recommended Skilled Recruits in Watch Dogs: Legion and how you can unlock these skilled operatives.

Watch Dogs Legion Skilled Operatives

As mentioned before, anyone can be recruited. Every character comes with a trade-off however the random ones you recruit off the street might have more disadvantages than advantages.

That is why it is recommended to unlock the Skilled Recruits mentioned below as early as possible while playing WD Legion.

You can find various characters in each Borough of London. Every character has their own exclusive location where they are easier to find.

A Doctor is found at the Hospital, a Spy is found at the Government Buildings, and so on.

While choosing your characters, make sure to select the ones that can help you when you need backup and assistance as the right Recruits can help you win a mission.

Below we have given each skilled recruit found in Watch Dogs: Legion along with the location where you can find them.

How to Recruit Hacker

Hacker assists you in tasks and helps you download your files easily. The Hacker is really easy to unlock, as it is your initial unlockable Skilled Recruit in the game.

Hacker is found at Camden, and you must complete the Light a Spark mission to recruit it.

How to Recruit Spy

By the name, you may know what its purpose is. This Recruit is highly gifted with Hacking skills; therefore, it can help you out in undercover missions. The Spy is found at the Government Buildings, MI6 HQ.

To unlock the Spy skilled recruit, you must increase the defiance in the City of Westminster by completing; Rescue Freedom Fighter and Disrupt Propaganda x 2.

How to Recruit Professional Hitman

The Professional Hitman is an amazing Stealth Recruit. To unlock and recruit a Professional Hitman, you must increase the defiance in Nine Elms by completing; Neutralize VIP, Photograph Evidence and Sabotage.

How to Recruit Drone Expert

Drone Expert helps in missions where you need Drones the most. To unlock him, you must increase the defiance in Lambeth by completing; Digital Deface, Photograph Evidence and Disrupt Propaganda.

How to Recruit Anarchist

When the time comes, Anarchist will assist you in a mission by providing you with smoke grenades along with multiple other specialized abilities.

He is unlocked at Southwark by completing; Photograph Evidence, Sabotage, Digital Deface and Hack CtOS Hub.

How to Recruit Beekeeper

During a battle, you can get jumped on by multiple opponents. To help distract the opponents, Beekeepers will provide assistance by summoning swarms of bees that distract and attack the opponents away.

It’s unlocked at the City of London by completing; Hack CtOS Hub, Photograph Evidence and Sabotage.

How to Recruit Getaway Driver

Gateway Driver recruit helps you in escaping dangerous situations with his car parked at the disposal. He also possesses the ability to hack the cars ahead to make way for you.

Head to the Tower Hamlets and complete Neutralize VIP, Rescue Freedom Fighter and Collect Evidence to unlock it.

How to Recruit Football Hooligan

A Recruit with a simple job that is to call Hooligans in a fight when needed. You can take help from this when you’re against a wave of enemies.

Recruit it by completing Neutralize VIP, Sabotage and Collect Evidence in Islington & Hackney.

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