Watch Dogs Legion Recruitment Tips

In this guide, we will tell you about Watch Dogs Legion Recruitment Tips and tricks for recruiting new operatives in...

In this guide, we will tell you about Watch Dogs Legion Recruitment Tips and tricks for recruiting new operatives in Watch Dogs: Legion and how to get access to some unique recruits as well.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you are a member of a hacker resistance group named DedSec. To take down Zero Day, a terrorist organization, and fight with Albion, you’ll need to recruit some new members.

Watch Dogs Legion Recruitment Tips

Watch Dogs Legion has a new refreshing concept that you do not have any fixed protagonist.

You go around the city recruiting different members to your cause of fighting the evil Clan Kelly or Albion. This makes literally every citizen in the city of London a potential recruit for your cause.

At any time, you can have a maximum of 45 recruits in your team. And with this, you can play as any one of them as required.

Therefore, selecting and recruiting team members with vastly diverse and different skills for different scenarios prove very helpful and make the game much more interesting.

Recruitment Method

There are 3 levels of recruitments in Watch Dogs Legion. When you investigate someone and see their details, there is a thumb indicator in the top right corner (or not).

If the color of the thumb is green, you can recruit them instantly. However, if the thumb is a red thumbs down, you’ll be required to complete 3 to 4 side missions before you can recruit that person.

The red thumb recruits usually have more perks than others, so it might be worth completing the missions to get them.

If you see someone without a green or red thumb indicator, you can say they are neutral. To recruit them, you have to do 1 or 2 side missions.

All of the potential recruits have specific skills. The number of skills ranges from 1 to 3. those with more skills are harder to recruit.

It is better to recruit members with more skills or perks to aid you as they are better and more useful.

In case you find a better person for a post that is already filled, you can easily dismiss them at any time and recruit the better option, so no need to be extra careful.

Recommendation for Recruitment

The recruits we recommend you to have first and one of the best ones, is a construction worker. The construction worker has some amazing perks like Cargo Drone.

You can call this Cargo Drone whenever you want and get on top of it to reach higher Tech Points, paste up locations, or complete some mission. These Drones will help you reach the place you want very quickly.

Another recommended recruit is a hacker. The hacker is needed when you go to liberate regions like Camden.

Better hackers have faster hacking cooldowns, better range and quicker downloading.

The doctor is also recommended because they shorten the healing time of anybody in the team who is injured.

A doctor or paramedic can be found near the small green just north of the Blume Complex waiting for recruitment.

A professional hitman may sound like he has no reason to join a group of hackers, but honestly they bring a lot to the table, allowing you to rush into fights head-on and taking out multiple enemies.

A hitman can be permanently recruited from the Nine Elms in the south-western area. Complete the three tasks, Destroy a terminal, kill a VIP, and photograph evidence of Albion’s evil plans, to unlock the mission that allows you to recruit the hitman.

Another good addition to your team are Football Hooligans.

They act as the muscle for your crew, and have high damage tolerance, deal extra damage specially when drunk and are best for hand-to-hand combat.

To recruit a Football Hooligan, you’ll need to liberate the Islington and Hackney area, and then complete the three tasks, ‘Sabotage’, ‘Neutralize the VIP’, and ‘Collect Evidence’.

Recruit different operatives with different skills so you can use them in different situations.

Remember that you can always dismiss a recruit from the team to add a better one whenever founded.

Uniformed Access

Recruits with uniformed access have the ability to access different restricted areas on the map. You can see which recruit has uniformed access when you go over their details in the operative menu.

You can also check out what uniformed access is required for a specific restricted area by hovering over one on the map.

Select recruits with different uniformed access to get into the restricted areas of the game.

Liberate Different Regions

Liberate different regions in the game by completing side missions. Once the region in liberating the locations of the Tech Points in that region will be revealed.

The Tech Points will help you in unlocking a host with additional perks. What’s more, is that liberating regions rewards you with skilled operatives to recruit.

Give your recruits a Spider Bot

You can use the Tech Points you have to upgrade the spider bot and then equip it to a recruit.

The Spider Bot can be used to reach Collectibles in places you can’t reach normally; that’s why having a Spider Bot on a recruit is a good gadget to have.

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