Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

The multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs Legion is out now, which features new co-op missions, PvP game mode, and Tactical Ops, which is free to download for players that own the game. In these Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Tips and Tricks, we will help you learn the basics of the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs: Legion to get your new journey started.

Watch Dogs Legion Multiplayer Tips and Tricks

WD Legion’s online mode offers a variety of modes for players to experience once they have made a new character. Below are some essential WD Legion tips that will ensure you get the best out of your experience through London in the co-op setting.

Multiplayer with Your Friends

The multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs: Legion is all about playing with someone with who you can communicate. The co-op missions require teamwork to pass through. You can, however, play with randoms through matchmaking. But there is no point in playing with someone who you can’t talk to.

You can also play the co-op missions by yourself, but the missions cannot be completed easily without having the support of your friends. Get your friends together to play with you to get the most out of the multiplayer mode in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Stealth is Important

Stealth is one of the most important aspects of completing any missions in multiplayer mode. You need to be sneaky and evasive to get through the enemy defense line and get the job done. Once you get spotted, the game will spawn an indefinite amount of enemies that keep respawning upon dying.

You cannot go guns blazing into the mission and expect it to be over in a few minutes. For the best experience, it is important to be stealthy and sneaky.

Coordination is Key

Give out different roles to your teammates so that it is easy to complete the mission. One teammate can work on hacking the security cameras and unlocking the doors. The second teammate can focus on the enemies and keep the coast clear.

Divide the tasks to your teammates so that everyone plays their role and finishes the objective within the given time.

Keep Trying

The Tactical Ops and co-op maps are made harder to defeat and take two or three tries to complete. These can get frustrating at times, but you need to have faith and keep trying again.

Grab the right equipment before you start a mission. On your first run, try to learn the map and get know-how about the locations of the enemies. Strategize according to the task assigned and you will be able to defeat the mission on the second or third try.

Spider Bot Arena

In the PvP mode, a.k.a. the Spider Bot Arena, you control a spider bot to fight other opponents in the arena. The player with the most kills wins the game. You can shoot, dodge, double jump, and strafe to get around the arena and kill enemies.

Movement is the key to winning a match in the Spider Bot Arena mode. You need to have knowledge about the arena to cover behind obstacles or walls. The arena maps are generally small in size, so you need to have a good movement to win a match.