Watch Dogs: Legion Essential Tips

Watch Dogs: Legion is packed with a variety of different activities you can tackle and our list has useful tips and tricks to keep in mind.

In Watch Dogs: Legion, you and your hacker resistance group called DedSec will have to take the fight to Zero Day. You will stand up against Albion as you liberate the different boroughs of the city and start a revolution. However, starting a revolution isn’t so simple. But worry not, we have prepared a list of useful and essential tips and tricks to keep in mind when playing Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion Essential Tips

The game is packed with several different activities you can tackle while exploring the map.

Lets’ take a look at some tips and tricks that should prove useful while attempting all the activities Watch Dogs: Legion has to offer.

Go After Tech Points and Know Where to Spend Them

After getting through the first few missions, you will be able to earn Tech Points. Finding these gives you access to a bunch of new hacks and gadgets.

You will get the locations of Tech Points after liberating a district.

Once you have the points, it is important to know how to spend them wisely. Go for gear that will prove useful to you.

Definitely spring for drone skills as they can help you greatly in a variety of different situations. Get enough upgrades and you can take down or control enemy drones.

The spider bot is also something you should get right away with your Tech Points.

You can send your miniature-sized ally into enemy territory and use it to help you perform tasks stealthily. This includes flicking switches, hacking, collecting tech points and objects, as well as getting around in the vents.

The Cargo Drone Will Be a Big Help

One of the most convenient pieces of tech that you can get is the cargo drone. You can sit on top of these hovering machines and gain access to the upper stories of buildings.

This is useful for getting to collectibles that are in locations that you may not be able to reach easily otherwise.

Many of the Paste Ups are on walls that are several stories high alongside large structures, so you’ll need the cargo drone to get to them.

The drone is also useful for getting into enemy territory without being noticed.

You will be able to float over enemies and get to where you need to while staying stealthy.

The Cargo Drone just makes life much easier for you when playing, so be sure to get it after completing enough missions.

Scope The Area With Cameras

Hijacking cameras is a staple of this franchise. You can hack into them and get a look at the areas you are about to enter.

This will let you scope out the location for enemies and other things of interest so that you are able to plan ahead and instead of running in aimlessly.

You can also target a specific enemy to keep a close eye on his movements. Certain objects can be hacked into with the use of a camera as well.

Pick Your Team Wisely

After getting through the early parts of the game and getting a base team, you will find yourself venturing into more challenging areas.

For this, you will need to assemble a team that is able to handle several different types of scenarios.

Each individual recruit brings something unique to the table. Some are great brawlers, others are great with guns and some can even help you heal faster.

You can also gain access to certain areas easier because your team has someone in a uniform. Make sure your team has a variety to it in order to be prepared for every type of situation.

You are able to swap between team members pretty easily so long as you’re not currently being pursued by law enforcement.

Aside from simply selecting the character you want to play as, you are also able to go to the Map by pressing F and find your agent’s current location. Click on their picture and press the spacebar to switch to them.

Liberate Boroughs To Get New Operatives

Every borough on the map has uprising tasks for you to tackle. This involves engaging in activities that are not strictly speaking legal.

You can get rid of government propaganda, capture evidence, destroy important things or swipe data.

We recommend you go for these activities as they often reward you greatly.

For example, collecting all of a Borough’s Paste Up collectibles will unlock a new operative for you like the Spy.

Liberating a district will also highlight the locations of its tech points on the map. This is the best way to get upgraded quickly.

Be Sure To Explore As Much As You Can

The map is huge and filled with many things and activities for you to find, so get out there.

Explore the city in your stolen vehicle or on top of your drone and see what you spot in each borough.

This has the added benefit of helping you get better at ditching enemies in the middle of a pursuit.

You can also reach locations quickly with the various fast-travel points in the game but use this sparsely.

Combat Tips

One thing to keep in mind when engaging in combat is that you shouldn’t be the first to draw your gun.

Your foes will try to fight you on equal grounds, so if you come at them with your fists, they will do the same.

Try to stick to punching or using melee weapons as much as you can in order to avoid getting shot.

That said, if you’re already being shot at, then don’t be afraid to embrace your inner Danny DeVito and start blasting.

If you haven’t been spotted by enemies yet, then try to take out the captain first. These are the foes marked by a wi-fi signal above their heads. You can usually spot them by using your camera to scope the area.

Be sure that the captain is eliminated before they can call for reinforcements. Otherwise, the conflict will prove to be doubly troublesome for you.

Get Creative With Traps

There are many different interactive objects in your environment.

A lot of these are highlighted when scoping an area with your camera and you are able to set off traps in order to pick off enemies more easily. Turn on a few and wait for enemies to walk into them or lure them there.

You can also activate all of the traps at the same time to let chaos ensue. How you approach each trap is up to you.

They are a very useful way of tipping the odds in your favor before a fight starts to get creative and watch your foes fall prey to your sabotage.