Watch Dogs Legion Will Allow 20 Characters at Max at a Time

We talked with Ubisoft Toronto game director, Kent Hudson and found out that we'll be able to recruit up to 20 Watch Dogs Legion characters for DedSec.

Watch Dogs Legion won’t limit your playable characters to one when it releases. We know for a fact that you’ll be able to recruit and play as anyone in your team. In a recent interview with Kent Hudson, game director at Ubisoft Toronto, we got more insight into this new mechanic.

As you might already know, Watch Dogs Legion will let you play as many different characters during one playthrough. Basically, you’ll start recruiting hacktivists for DedSec but you’re not just one of them. You are DedSec and you pull the strings of the group. We asked Hudson about the number of characters you’ll be able to recruit and play as during one playthrough. The answer is 20:

Players can recruit up to 20 different characters as part of their DedSec resistance and can choose these from anyone they encounter in the open world of near-future London.

Your 20 Watch Dogs Legion characters will be available for you to switch and play as them, at will. Some will be better fighters, some will be better with a tranquilizer or gadgets, some at hacking and so on. Of course, you’ll be able to recruit anyone you encounter on the map, so that opens up opportunities to multiple playthroughs with different builds for your team.

However, you’ll have to pay close attention to detail when it comes to going into missions. When you lose one of your characters, he or she is gone forever. You don’t want to lose that precious hacking mastermind you’ve been looking for.

Each of these different recruitable characters also havr their own storylines and their own lines of dialogue, such as Jimmy, a drone specialist who is recruited while attempting to get revenge for his sister, murdered by a criminal gang. The various backgrounds and histories of these characters will all determine the archetypes and personalities they have. Another layer of diversity, into the mix.

In related news, Watch Dogs Legion doesn’t have a cast of voice actors for its characters. Instead, they used voice modulation to tweak the voice tone. This saves time from recording and gives the audio artists the opportunity to have voice lines for all characters ready without lengthy voice acting sessions. We can’t wait to see if this decision is as believable as the studio claims it is.

Watch Dogs Legion has a set release date for March 6, 2020. The game will be available on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. If you are a collector, you shouldn’t miss the Watch Dogs Legion collector’s edition which includes a propaganda poster, a lighting Coronet Mask statue, stickers and more.

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