Watch Dogs Legion Characters Have 20 Different Archetypes, Voices, Personalities

Watch Dogs Legion characters will all take bits and pieces from 20 different archetypes, voices, and personalities as you recruit them.

One of the bigger technical bombshells that was dropped on us over the weekend was the reveal that Watch Dogs Legion will enable you to choose from a multitude of recruitable NPCs. Each of these Watch Dogs Legion characters will choose from over 20 different archetypes, voices, and personalities when you first recruit them.

Watch Dogs 3 takes the setting out of America and instead to London, which has come under the brutal authoritarian rule of the Albion mercenary company while crime runs rampant and fanatics rule the British government.

Standing against this unjust rule is DedSec, the hacktivist group players became much more familiar with back in Watch Dogs 2. DedSec is creating a popular resistance to fight back against Albion and the government and restore freedom to London.

We went though four different characters over the course of Ubisoft’s demonstration of the different Watch Dogs Legion characters, everything from a street tough, to a former soldier, and even to a sweet little old lady…who used to work for Scotland Yard.

While watching said old lady slowly do parkour over barriers, kick mercenaries in the shin before tazing them, and dodder up behind a mercenary on the street and shoot him in the back of the head is hilarious, she’s only one of the multiple different ways Watch Dogs Legion characters can work.

Each of these different recruitable characters also have their own storylines and their own lines of dialogue, such as Jimmy, a drone specialist who is recruited while attempting to get revenge for his sister, murdered by a criminal gang.

The various backgrounds and histories of these characters will all determine the archetypes and personalities they have, so that players won’t pick a “different” character that will say the same lines, just in a different voice.

Considering how many peoples’ backgrounds you could look into in previous Watch Dogs games, hopefully all of the new Watch Dogs Legion characters you’ll be able to play as will be able to live up to the hype that this mechanic sets up.

Watch Dogs Legion will be available to play on March 6, 2020 on the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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