Watch Dogs Legion Kelly Chapter Body Snatchers Walkthrough

Our Watch Dogs Legion Body Snatchers guide will walk you through the whole mission and will guide you about each...

Our Watch Dogs Legion Body Snatchers guide will walk you through the whole mission and will guide you about each and everything related to this Chapter of WDL.

Buckle up, and let’s get started.

Watch Dogs Legion Kelly Chapter Body Snatchers

Body Snatchers is a Kelly faction chapter in Watch Dogs Legion, and this Chapter includes 3 missions:

  • Lost in the Process
  • Clan Kelley’s New Export
  • Bloody Merry Kelley

Mission 1- Lost in the Process

Body Snatchers Chapter starts off with this mission in which you have to find Ángel López, a former DedSec member.

There is a chance that he might have been abducted by Albion and Clan Kelley from European Processing Sector.

To find out more about the situation and uncover the truth behind these abductions, you have to infiltrate EPC.

Meet the contact at EPC
Head towards EPC. Once you have reached EPC, you will see red-colored laser scanners at the gate of EPC.

So, you can just barge in. you have to find some other way to get inside the building.

You can hack the laser scanner to get inside, or you can hack the drone. Look for a red panel on the right of the left gate.

Hack it and sneak behind the guards to get inside the building.

The other way to get inside is to hack the drone. Get on top of it and get the drone inside without alerting the guards.

Use the container to make your way through the front door of the building.

Once you are inside, there will be no guards. Find your contact Bartholomew and chat with him.

He will have a yellow marker on him so you can find him easily.

Access the EPC Database
Once you have met the contact, you will be tasked to access the EPC database. Head towards the yellow marker.

Once you have reached the restricted area, hack the cameras to know about the locations of the guards and their movement.

Identify your target and devise your strategy accordingly. There are two ways to access the EPC database.

You can either go there by yourself, or you can use Spiderbot for this purpose.

Head upstairs, and you will find a ladder hanging against the wall. Go up using this ladder, and you will find a Spiderbot near the Vending Machines.

Hack the Spiderbot and look for a vent near the Vending Machines. Using the Spiderbot, head towards the objective through the vents.

Head outside the vent, and you will find a box on your left side.

Unlock it and then interact with the key on the table to download the database.

Download the Clinic’s AR Data
After that, exit the restricted area and move towards the yellow market to download the Clinic’s AR Data.

Once you acquired the camera footage, head downwards and towards the clinic, which will be right beside you.

Investigate the AR’s footage
To enter the clinic, you have to unlock the Internal Network by completing a Network Bypass Puzzle.

Basically, you have to turn all the red lines into blue lines by rotating the nodes.

After that, head inside and reconstruct the AR. Investigate the whole footage to complete this mission.

You might have to follow the footage outside the clinic as well.

Mission 2 – Clan Kelley’s New Export

The second mission of the Body Snatchers chapter is Clan Kelley’s New Export. This mission revolves around finding out about the microchip injected into Ángel López.

Search for Ángel López at Southwark Incinerator
Head over to the Southward Incinerator by following the yellow marker. There will be 3 guards outside the building.

Get inside the building without alerting them.

Once you are inside, head upstairs and move towards your objective of downloading the Surveillance Data.

You can do this without alerting the guards or by taking them out.

Investigate the basement
After downloading the Surveillance Data, head down to the basement and towards the yellow marker.

You will find a sealed door with a rubbish suite nearby. Interact with the rubbish suite to get on with the mission.

You will find Kaitlin Lau following a cut-scene. Interact with her to trigger another cut-scene.

Search for Ángel López
After talking with Kaitlin Lau, head outside the room, and you will find a Clan Kelley member with a saw and a body.

Take him down and then take a photograph of the corpse, which is on the other side of the room.

That picture confirms that it is actually Ángel López’s corpse.

After that, head outside in the hallway and look for Kaitlin’s Lau case files that will be in the room down the hallway.

You will find two guards in that room. Take them down and recover Angel López’s case files to complete this mission.

Leave Southwark Incinerator
After you have recovered the Ángel López’s case files, head towards the yellow marker and interact with the keypad. That ends the mission.

Mission 3 – Bloody Merry Kelley

After completing the previous mission, you will be tasked to attend the Team Briefing at the safehouse.

Head towards the yellow marker to attend the Team Briefing. Interact with the table to trigger the cut-scene.

Investigate the Sandstone Residence
After the cut-scene, you will be tasked to investigate the Sandstone Residence. Head towards the Sandstone Residence.

You will find a ctOS drone outside the residence. Hijack it and head inside the residence through the open window.

Use the vents to look for the security room and for the Spiderbot terminal.

Once you have found the Spiderbot terminal, hack it, and look for the security room. There will be a vent near the Spiderbot terminal.

The security room will be on the other side of that vent.

Hack the Security System Puzzle
Once you have found the Security room, interact with the Laptop, and it will reveal a Network Bypass Puzzle.

This Network Bypass Puzzle is long and will take a lot of your time. You have to turn all the red lines leading to the node in the security room to blue.

Take your time as there will be no guards to interrupt you.

Once you have completed the Network Bypass Puzzle, hack the Security System. Interact with the Laptop to trigger a cut-scene

After the cut-scene, leave the area to complete this mission as well as Watch Dogs Legion Body Snatchers Chapter.

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