Watch Dogs Legion Best Tech and Upgrades Guide

In this Watch Dogs Legion Best Tech and Upgrades guide, we will discuss the best gadgets and upgrades that you...

In this Watch Dogs Legion Best Tech and Upgrades guide, we will discuss the best gadgets and upgrades that you can use to clear areas silently or aggressively in Watch Dogs: Legion.

Watch Dogs: Legion gives you a variety of special gadgets and upgrades to toy around within the new and improved massive open world.

Watch Dogs Legion Best Tech and Upgrades

Tech Points are required to unlock gadgets and upgrades. You can get Tech Points by completing missions or finding them while free-roaming.

Best Gadgets

Infiltrator Spiderbot
A perfect toy to sneak into an area and take a better look at what to expect or what path to take without having the risk of exposing yourself.

On the plus, you can perform an easy kill on any one of the guards that are in your way.

A must buy for players with a stealthy approach. It also helps with Tech Point collection in otherwise inaccessible areas.

Dedsec Grenade Launcher
A single click weapon that can easily take out hordes of enemies coming at you. Suitable for players that just want to get it done.

AR Cloak
One of the two gadgets that you can select from when you start the campaign, AR Cloak, allows you to make your character go invisible for a short period.

Enemies won’t be able to see you when the AR Cloak is active, allowing you to sneak past them.

Disrupt Hack
Messes with the enemy’s Optik to distract them with a small headache, which will allow you to sneak around them or take them out easily.

Skin Mesh
For a cost of 45 Tech Points, you can arm your operators with heavy armors that will help them last longer in combat.

Use this if you have the permadeath feature turned on and want them to stay alive.

Missile Drone
Having a Missile Drone can help you get out of sticky situations or assassinate a single enemy such as a VIP with ease.

Attract Hack
Alarms the enemy’s planted traps that only go off when they go near the trap. When surveying a location, arm any trap that you can see in the area.

Best Upgrades

Deep Profiler
It allows you to recruit people that are against DedSec or even Albion security guards.

It leaks information about any person that you can use against them when you approach them with a recruitment offer.

If you are able to successfully recruit an Albion guard, you can roam around areas that are controlled by Albion. Requires 25 Tech Points to unlock.

Gun Jam
Jams enemy’s guns, making them vulnerable against you. You can shoot them or perform a takedown while they are busy fixing their weapons.

AR Shroud
Use of this upgrade is to hide the enemy’s dead body, making it invisible to other enemies.

When you perform a takedown on an enemy, you will get the option to use AR Shroud skill to hide the body from other enemies.

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