Watch Dogs Legion Albion Chapter True Colors Walkthrough

In this Watch Dogs Legion walkthrough, we will be looking at the True Colors chapter to finally take down Albion and clear DedSec's name.

In this Watch Dogs Legion walkthrough, we will be looking at the True Colors chapter to finally take down Albion.

Watch Dogs Legion Albion Chapter True Colors

We will go through each of the missions in the True Colors Albion chapter in Watch Dogs Legion and provide you with all the information you need to know before tackling them.

Restoking the Fire

The first mission in the chapter is Restoking the Fire. Hamish Bolaji has arranged a meeting between his Albion contact and DedSec.

You are to meet this contact in a pub, which will be pointed out by the mission marker.

A cut scene follows where you wait at the bar while Nigel Cass speaks on the TV, and then it shows that an Albion armored vehicle charges at the audience.

After realizing that his contact never turned up, Bolaji suspects there might be a link between the attack and his disappearance. Our next task is to head up to the scene of the attack.

Once at the place of the attack, the first objective will be to find some AR footage.

Your mission marker will lead you to a ctOS terminal; there are a total of 10 guards on duty, use stealth or go in guns blazing.

If you do use stealth and use your spiderbot, there is a terminal for it near the ctOS terminal.

Hacking the ctOS terminal will give you access to the AR footage of the attack. Next, you need to analyze it for clues, which will be:

  • A yellow person
  • A mid-air vehicle entering the scene.

Now that you have the footage, exit the area. Now it’s on to the next mission.

Nigel’s Close Shave

The next mission leads you to TOAN Bombing Site. It turns out that Bolaji was right about the attacks and his contact, Radu, not showing up.  You need to find his body at the TOAN site.

Scan the area to view a yellow outline of a now destroyed truck. For this, you must scan near the back of the restricted area.

The restricted zone isn’t accessible to you. Now you can either toss the spiderbot over to continue the investigation or you can use the locked gate or a cargo drone.

Now you need to find the body. There will be two map markers or you to investigate to find the body.

Radu’s body is most likely the one on the second floor. Once you find the body, you need to exit the area.

It will be revealed that Radu had an audio file on their person and playing it reveals that they suspected Nigel and that Nigel was still working on Project Themis for their personal targeting system. This ends the mission and marks the beginning of the next.

Defanging the Flock

Our next destination in this chapter is the Tower Bridge. We need to disrupt Project Themis and we will use the Albion communications hub at the tower to do that.

The facility is at the top of the bridge; climb up to it, use the scaffolding on the western side, and reach a window.

However you decide to make it to the building at the top, your task once inside will be to disable the two comms encryptors.

You can either physically disable a comms encryptor, or you can use your spiderbot.

The next objective after this will be to upload a virus to Themis. Doing this will cause the alarm to ring and you will be faced with seemingly an endless stream of attack drones.

While fighting, make sure not to move too far away from the terminal as this will cause it to reset.

In the fight, try to keep on the move, or disable as many drones quickly so that you don’t get overwhelmed by sheer numbers, disable them or hack them to make them loyal to you if you have the ability.

There are many ammo boxes all around this stage, so don’t worry about running out.

Once the virus is uploaded, you need to escape the area. Go down or you could just jump into the river and swim off. The next mission after this is #Justice4Claire.

London’s Protectors

After #Justice4Claire we get to the next mission, London’s Protectors. The starting segment includes us watching the news.

The government is reviewing its contract with Albion, and apparently, Nigel has refused to surrender and has locked himself up in the White Tower headquarters.

It’s preferable to use a lethal combat operative for this mission, like a Hitman or Spy.

To get inside the Headquarters, you’ll need to hack the security grid. You can see a lot of guards and drones on patrol. You can hijack drones, turrets and cars to help you.

For a sneakier approach, you can use the cameras to tag the guards and their patrols and move cautiously to avoid them.

The marker will lead you to a locked door, and a new marker will appear, showing you where you could get the key to the door.

After you find the key, you can now unlock the security grid and get inside. Once done hacking the grid, you will be given access to Nigel’s bunker.

Follow the mission markers and eventually, you will reach a tunnel that will lead you underground. There are mines placed on the floor between here and the next door, so be wary.

You will finally reach the elevator that will take you down to Nigel’s Bunker and this a point of no return as you will be notified that you cannot switch operators anymore.

Nigel will start talking to you on the ride down. As the doors open, there is a boss fight waiting for you in the form of Nigel’s prototype.

Dealing with the prototype
Before you can actually deal damage, you are required to perform a network bypass on the right side of the room, and you have to do this while dodging the prototypes shots and the Albion guards.

Get behind cover and use your spiderbot instead if you are having difficulty moving around from cover to cover.

Once the bypass is complete, an emp wave renders the prototype Vulnerable at certain positions. Attack them. These weak points will be glowing orange and won’t be hard to hit.

Over time, the prototype will have its defense up again, watch out for its attacks and charging Albion guards and complete another network bypass.

Repeat the same steps as before and go for the weak parts.

After the third time Nigel becomes invincible is when you have to constantly change positions as cover won’t defend you much against the missiles he throws at you with a targeting laser that draws red circles where the projectiles will land.

You have to complete one last network bypass and finish this fight. Nigel will abandon the destroyed prototype.

Now you come face to face with the man finally. Just take him down, he is just another average human at this point.

Defeating him will initiate a cut scene. Once the cutscene ends, you will have completed London’s Protectors and you will be standing outside the White Tower Headquarters.

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