Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair Guide

In our Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair guide, we will get you up to speed with the locations of all the toaster parts in Wasteland 3.

In our Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair guide, we will get you up to speed with the locations of all the toaster parts required to unlock the Toaster Expert Achievement.

Wasteland 3 Toaster Repair

To be able to earn the Toaster Expert Achievement, you’ll need to find 5 golden toaster parts using the toaster repair skill (maximum of level 8).

Succeeding in doing so will reward you with a toaster companion, Courageous, along with the finest armor for melee characters in the iteration – the Verchitin Armor Set.

So, let’s move on to our guide below, which lists everything that you need to know to get your hands on these handsome rewards.

Toaster Locations

Toaster # 1 – Broadmoor Heights
You’ll find this toaster part in the remains of the Wesson House at Broadmoor Heights.

Toaster # 2 – Hoon Homestead
This toaster part can be found in the Hoon homestead. It’ll be available in the designated spot irrespective of the choice you made in the timed mission.

Toaster # 3 – Painted Mines
Once you’ve dealt with the first Patriarch’s children – Valor, you’ll get a radio call regarding a woman appearing at Ranger HQ.

Continue the call, and you will be ultimately led to Painted Mines where you’ll be able to locate this toaster part to repair.

Toaster # 4 – Aspen
It is located at the entrance of Aspen, and you’ll find it after your victory in the area.

Toaster # 5 – Knox Bison Ranch
After coming back from Aspen, report back to Patriarch to get access to the Level 3 Kodiak Chassis.

Level 3 Kodiak Chassis will grant you access to the Eastern Plains area.

Make your way to the Eastern Plains area and head north to the Knox Bison Ranch. At the entrance of the Knox Bison Ranch, you’ll be assigned a side quest via a radio call.

Complete this side quest to gain entry to the Ranch.

Once inside, search a bit to find the last toaster part to repair.

Assembly of the Toaster Parts
As soon as you have all 5 toaster parts in your inventory, a dialogue will be prompted, assembling the toaster.

The dialogue will contain coordinates for a Toaster Repair Academy. Use them to navigate to the academy to interact with the altar there.

Doing that will bring it to life as Courageous the Toaster.

If we talk about its stats a bit, it deals with deadly mortar attacks and can inflict decent burning damage. Also, it is resistant to all types of damage.

Lastly, don’t forget to obtain the Verchitin Armor Set from the nearby container.

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