Wasteland 3 Tips and Tricks

These Wastelands 3 Tips and tricks are sure to help uninitiated Rangers on their journey through the frigid wastelands of Colorado

These Wastelands 3 Tips and tricks are sure to help uninitiated Rangers on their journey through the frigid wastelands on Colorado.

We will give you useful tips and explain certain game mechanics that will surely make your gameplay experience much more forgiving.

Wasteland 3 Tips and Tricks

Post-apocalyptic Colorado is an unforgiving wasteland fraught with dangers around every corner. Rangers in this hostile environment face danger from every side, with nary a friend in sight.

The following Tips for Wasteland 3 are designed to help you deal with sticky situations and to make you most of obscure game mechanics.

Create your Own Characters

In Wasteland 3, your squad will have 6 members. At the start, you can either create two characters on your own or choose from a few preset options.

It will be a good option to create your characters yourself and set their stats according to your playstyle.

After the intro-missions, you will have to add two more members to your squad, and out of the 4 members, at least 1 has to be custom made by the player.

You can then fill the rest of the squad with characters you meet during the story, or recruits you design yourself inside your Ranger HQ base.

Balance out Skills of your Squad Members

In Wasteland 3, it will be very beneficial if you spread the skills across the entire squad. Do not increase the same stat of two members to the max.

Rather, have a squad that can complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Search all Chests

Search every chest you come across in Wastelands 3 as they contain ammo and medical supplies.

Ammo will be hard to get sometimes so searching the chests will be a good way to get your hands on it.

Explore every nook and cranny and talk to every NPC if you have the time, you will never know what side quests and loot you may uncover.

Upgrade The Kodiak

Make sure you upgrade the Kodiak as early as possible as it will make it very easy to traverse the map faster.

Check consequences before making decisions

In Wastelands 3, you will get several dialog options provided given, a skill is developed enough.

They can help you avoid fights and different altercations. Make sure to choose the option for your desired outcome.

When all optional dialog lines are blocked, select the one with “attack”. Then the initiative will be on your side and you will start the fight.

Keep Levelling up your Squad and Heal Them

Make sure you regularly level up members of your squads to unlock new abilities and skills as you will need high-level members more and more you progress in the game.

Also, make sure to heal your squad completely before you go in a fight. Starting a fight when a character is in poor health is risky and can result in a quick knockdown.

You can fully heal your squad at a doctor NPC.

Upgrade your Gear Regularly

Upgrade your weapons and gear as much as possible as the further you progress in the game, the more you will need better weapons to win fights.

The Armor Rating of enemies can factor in heavily to your damage output.

On top of newer weapons and armors, you also have access to weapon mods and armor mods. These can drastically improve your gear.

Save your Game Frequently

Keep saving your game before you go into fights or start missions. Although the game has an auto-save function, they only happen in more important sequences.

Waiting for the game to autosave may result in you losing a ton of progress. Better safe than sorry.

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