Wasteland 3 Armor Mods Guide

As with weapons, armor can also be modded in Wasteland 3. Here we have prepared a detailed Wasteland 3 Armor...

As with weapons, armor can also be modded in Wasteland 3. Here we have prepared a detailed Wasteland 3 Armor Mods guide on what armor modding is and how you can equip armor mods to your player or your squad.

Wasteland 3 Armor Mods

Armor mods in the W3 are the mods that you can equip on your armor pieces and they make your armor pieces unique and add abilities and perks to your armor.

These armor mods can be obtained by exploring the open world, might be dropped when you kill some enemy or can be bought from merchants in the game.

Also, keep in mind that these armor mods will take a slot in your armor piece.

You have to be very careful when choosing a mod because once you equip a mod in your armor slot, any other previous mod will be replaced. Replacing a mod means losing the previously equipped one permanently.

Armor Modding Skill

Armor modding requires that you have the prerequisite armor modding skill. Leveling up the armor modding skill enables you to install even better mods as you level up.

Each level up in the armor modding skill will increase your ability to install armor mods of 1 skill level higher than before.

And when you are all leveled up to 10 levels you will get the perk called “Tender Loving Care”.

Tender Loving Care provides a decent +5 armor to all squad members when a character with this perk is present.

Armor Mods

Here we have listed down all the available armor mods in the Wastelands 3 and their skill level requirement as well as what is the effect that mod will have on your armor.


Mod Name Mod Type Mod Effect Skill Lvl. Requirement
Glance Plates Helmet Armor Armor: +1 Crit Resistance: +3% Lvl. 1 Armor Modding
Trauma Plate Insert Chest Armor Armor: +6 Lvl. 3 Armor Modding
Plasma Capsule Chest Armor Armor : +1 Healing Bonus: +25.0% Lvl. 5 Armor Modding
Pocket Doc Chest Armor Armor: +1 Healing Bonus: +10.0% Lvl. 1 Armor Modding
Hydraskin Panels Leg Armor Evasion: +3% Armor : +1 Lvl. 1 Armor Modding
Exoknee Leg Armor Combat Speed: +0.2 Armor : +1 Lvl. 1 Armor Modding
Titanium Crest Helmet Armor Armor : +1 Crit Resistance: +6% Lvl. 3 Armor Modding
Polyxylylene Barrier Chest Armor Armor: +1 Cold Resistance: +30% Energy Resistance: +30% Fire Resistance: +30% Explosive Resistance: +30% Lvl. 6 Armor Modding
Sensory Shroud Helmet Armor Armor: +1 Status Effect Resistance: +30% Lvl. 4 Armor Modding
Personnel Drive Leg Armor Combat Speed: +0.4 Armor : +1 Lvl. 5 Armor Modding
Phase Temper Controller Chest Armor Cold Resistance: +60% Energy Resistance: +60% Fire Resistance: +60% Explosive Resistance: +60% Armor: -4 Lvl. 9 Armor Modding
Head Gear Platform Helmet Armor Armor: +2 Status Effect Resistance: +50% Hit Chance: -5% Lvl. 9 Armor Modding
Accelerator Skeleton Leg Armor Combat Speed: +0.6 Armor : +2 Action Points: -1 Lvl. 9 Armor Modding

You might be wondering whether you can remove mods in Wasteland 3. Unfortunately, your answer is no.

You can swap the mod that is currently slotted in favor of a new one, but this will delete the old mod permanently

This is all you need to know about the armor mods in the W3 about how to equip them and what are the perks they offer.