Wasteland 3 The Warrens Walkthrough

In our Wasteland 3 The Warrens Walkthrough, we’ll give you an in-depth look at all the steps that you need to take to succeed

In our Wasteland 3 The Warrens Walkthrough, we’ll give you an in-depth look at all the steps that you need to take to succeed in this clown infested Warrens found in Wasteland 3’s post-apocalyptic Colorado.

Wasteland 3 The Warrens

In the Bizarre – Interior, head upstairs and speak with Flab the Inhaler, who needs you to take care of the Warrens.

You can get to the Warren using an exit of the Bizarre – Interior Plaza. Once there, converse Gwynplaine who has a problem with the pig’s smell.

The quest item that you’ll need to give him is a Perfume, which you’ll find shortly.

DJRIP is also there with Gwynplaine, he’ll ask you a question, just answer, “false” and you’ll obtain the Sonic Emitter Weapon.

Now, move past the gate to reach the Warrens area proper where you’ll encounter Payaso Gangsters.

Here, in this area, your objective is to find the “limerick clues” so get to it!

In the playground area, you’ll find the Limerick Note Pt.3 among the droppings of a dead Payaso.

Now, proceed to the dining room and eliminate the Paysos that you’ll come across next.

One of the Payasos here will drop the Limerick Note Pt.2.

Pick it up. Also, don’t forget to collect the Clown Hammer melee weapon lying on the ground in the form of loot from Payasos.

Now, get to the kitchen and obtain the quest item (Perfume) for Gwynplaine.

Having done that, proceed to the Storage rooms and take down the Payasos around the area.

You’ll be able to collect the Limerick Note Pt.1 from one of the dead Payasos here.

After collecting all the loot and the Limerick Clues, head north on the pathway which leads to a large metal door and a terminal and use the Limerick Clues to open the door.

In the next room, you’ll come against quite a lot of your foes including, Payasos, exploding pigs, and the Great Gurn.

Kill every single one of them and pick up the loot.

Amongst the loot will be Ditso Gogo’s letter, a Nailbox Weapon, and Ditso’s Safe Key.

Head to the room upstairs and use the key to open up Ditso’s Safe where you’ll find a key for storage unit 107, containing Clown Horn Kodiak cosmetics, guns, ammo, and mods.

Now return to Flab the inhaler who’ll give you rewards for the completion of the quest, which includes a boost to your Monster Army Reputation.

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