Wasteland 3 Quirks and Backgrounds Guide

With the use of Quirks and Backgrounds in Wasteland 3, you can make truly unique characters and we will show you how

Wasteland 3 is a phenomenal RPG, and like all RPGs, you get to tinker with a character in various ways. One of these ways is your character’s backgrounds and quirks. This Wasteland 3 Quirks and Backgrounds guide will help you understand how these both work.

Wasteland 3 Quirks and Backgrounds

Everybody has a past and that determines who we are today; Same goes for your rangers in Wasteland 3. Players can choose a Background for their custom characters.

Other than the story description related to these Backgrounds, each Background offers different boosts, which is the main focus of choosing one.

The following are all the Backgrounds that you can choose along with their boosts.

Background Effect
Bookworm +5% XP bonus
Desert Cat +1 Perception
Disciple of the Metal +15% fire damage bonus
Explodomaniac +15% explosive damage bonus
Goat Killer +5% crit chance
Grease Monkey +10% damage vs. robots and vehicles
Lethal Weapon +10% melee damage bonus
Mannerite Kiss Ass +1
Moneybags Barter +1
Mopey Poet +5% Evasion
Paladin +10% crit resistance
Raider Hater +10% damage vs. humans
Sex Machine +0.2 combat speed
Stoner +10% status effect resistance
The Boss Hard Ass +1
Vicious Avenger +2 penetration

Backgrounds provide permanent passive boosts to your character throughout the game and are extremely important for character development and specific builds.

Therefore, choose your Background while keeping your entire playthrough in mind. The choice cannot be later changed in the game.


Quirks are used as an expansion of player’s stats. These abilities provide you a great buff but at the cost of a heavy debuff or negative effect to some other stat.

You get to choose only one quirk for your character that you will have to put up with the entire playthrough.

Some quirks may also change the appearance of your Ranger and some may dictate what equipment you can and cannot use.

The following are all the Quirks that you can choose from along with their respective Buffs and Debuffs

Quirk Positive Effect Negative Effect
No Quirk None None
Blunderer +15% melee damage bonus -50% crit chance
Bop Bag +6 armor -0.4 combat speed
Circus Freak +0.4 combat speed +25% crit resistance -10% evasion -1 second detection time
Death Wish +3 AP, +3 AP (max) cannot wear any kind of armor
Doomsday Prepper +35% status effect resistance cannot read skill books
Lone Wolf +20% initiative Leadership skill effect doesn’t benefit character
Medical Marvel +5 Constitution/HP per level cannot be revived when downed during combat
Mime +2 seconds detection time -10 con/HP -0.5m throwing range
Poindexter +1 skill point every 2 level-ups -8 con/HP -3 con/HP per level-up
Prospector occasionally find gold nuggets when digging for buried items -1 quick slots (item slots)
Pyromaniac +25% fire damage and explosive damage bonus +15% chance to catch on fire when using explosives
Sadomasochist +33% melee and ranged damage bonus +33% damage taken
Serial Killer -1 AP +3 AP per kill (once per turn)
Two-Pump Chump +2 AP for the first two turns After the first two turns, lose -1 AP and -15% hit chance for the next six turns
Varangian Blood When an ally is downed, gain +100% crit chance and +3 AP for one turn After Berserker Rage has ended, -4 AP for the next two turns
Waste Roamer 100% resistance to bleeding, poisoned, shocked, burning, frozen -15% XP bonus
Way of the Squeezins +50% damage when drunk -20% melee and ranged damage bonus


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