Wasteland 3 Big Trouble in Little Vegas Walkthrough

This guide is a complete walkthrough of the completion of all the objectives of Wasteland 3 Big Trouble in Little Vegas mission with some tips

This guide is a complete walkthrough of the completion of all the objectives of Wasteland 3 Big Trouble in Little Vegas mission with some tips and tricks along the way.

Big Trouble in Little Vegas is a secondary mission is Wasteland 3 which is related to the primary mission of Full House.

Wasteland 3 Big Trouble in Little Vegas

Since your main objective in this mission is to free Delgado, start off by going to the Little Vegas night club which is in the northern side of the town.

Head directly past the dance floor and look for Faran Brygo. He is the one you need to talk to first. Once you start talking to Brygo, Charley will call out for you and will let you go upstairs.

From here, go directly upstairs and talk to Ken Doll who is in the room upstairs.

Talk to him, gather some intel, and deliver the information back to Charley Knowes at the bar downstairs.

Use the information to find Mactavish. Here, you can either opt to be aggressive and kill every single employee in the club, or stay peaceful along the Mactavish storyline.

If you ask for a tip here, we would suggest taking the fight since you have to do a similar killing job later on anyways.

Once you have dealt with the situation by any of both ways, head towards the Machine Shop in Downtown across the Sherif Daisy’s Police dept.

You will have to deal with multiple enemies in here also including a turret.

As a tip, take notice of the explosive barrels on the right side and the generator powering the turret.

Destroy the barrels when needed and send someone with Mechanics to disable the generator to destroy the turret.

Finally, when the battle is over, head into the locked doors across the room and use the intercom so that you can convince Mactavish to let you in.

Talk to Mactavish and you may choose anything regarding Mactavish’s fate.

Regardless of your decision, check the lockers behind Mactavish and you will find a note which will be used later on.

Finally, get back to the Faran Brygo and you will have four options to deal with him here. You can either kill him, confront him, arrest him or cut a deal with him.

If you cut a deal with him, you have to present him with the note you found from Mactavish’s locker.

But this option will eventually lose you up to 15 reputation points in the end. The other 3 options are all better, yet need more skill and power.

However, Brygo will also give you an Armory Quartermaster crew of his to fight along you in the upcoming battle against the Corrupt Marshals.

So the battle begins right after you have dealt with Brygo and all you need to do here is to stay focused on staying alive.

The Armory Quartermaster crew will help you out here so you don’t have to do much if you had cut a deal with Brygo.

Finally, after the combat, head behind the bar and get into the second room where Delgado is being held.

Talk to him about whatever you want and finally turn back to Sheriff Daisy’s to complete the mission.