Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats Walkthrough

Add Lucia to your squad of loyal companions in Wasteland 3 by completing the Cornered Rats mission with the help of this guide

Cornered Rats is your fourth primary mission in Wasteland 3. In the Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats mission, you’re assigned a task by Sheriff Daisy to find Lucia Wesson and bring her back as your companion.

Finding her leads to more objectives which we’ve explained in this guide where we’ll walk you through the entire mission.

Wasteland 3 Cornered Rats

You’ll start this mission at Downtown Colorado Springs and will come to know about the town being attacked by the Dorseys.

This is where you’ll receive your first objective which is finding Sherriff Daisy.

Head to Sheriff Daisy’s office where you’ll find few Dorsey members. Now move left of the area to meet Sheriff Daisy.

Once you reach her, talk to her and she’ll assign you a task to visit the Garden of the Gods to fix the Dorsey issue and bring back Lucia Wesson as a companion.

Lucia is currently talking to the Marshals about her family members taken hostage. Talk to her about recruiting her and while doing so you have a Survival (3) option.

Now it’s time to visit the Garden of Gods! Head north of Downtown Colorado Springs and come across a locked door, talk to Marshal Lupinski; who’s guarding the door, and enter the zone.

Once inside, your Radio will catch a signal of Bellamy Ward asking for help. Move forward the road and you’ll encounter Ward hiding on a cliff so he doesn’t get shot by the Dorsey members.

Talking to them leads you to two special choices and four normal choices in the conversation such as Weird Science (4), Hard Ass (4), Ask them to calm down, which leads to a fight, Attack.

You’ll end up fighting them, so for the first fight, you have 4 Dorsey Ambusher and 2 Dorsey Hunters.

The Ambushers are going to push you around while the Hunters attack you from a distance.

Sniper is best used in this fight as it’s the most recommended weapon used against the Hunters.

Once you’ve taken care of the adversaries, talk to Ward and receive information about the location where the hostages are kept.

Now, for the second fight, you have two routes on the path, each route leads you to a different group of adversaries.

On the first route, you’ll encounter 1 The Beast Master, 2 Bloodbeast, 3 Dorsey Hunter, 1 Ambusher and 1 Dorsey Killer.

While on the left route you’ll come across 2 Waste Wolf and 1 Waste Wolf Alpha.

The recommended adversaries to fight are the Waste Wolf since they can be taken out easily and they are less in numbers so, the opponents won’t have the numbers advantage over you.

Lure the Wolves at you, regroup your team as melee in front and ranged behind so you can have a straight shot if they get close to you.

Once the team is grouped, kill the Alpha Wolves to receive 5 additional melee and ranged damage on your attack.

Finish the fight and move onto the cliff to find a computer above the Beast Master. Interact with the computer and Adjust photon collection amount to activate the Photon Amplification Lense.

Time the Beast Master’s patrol accurately so the barrel explodes and Beast Master along with the other adversaries deal damage.

As for the Photon Amplification Lense, it keeps attacking throughout the fight.

Once that’s done, head to the fire pit and you’ll find the hostages there but before meeting them, use Perception (1) to examine the bodies and receive a Burned Book (junk).

Meet the hostages, make your choices and see Isaac Reed apologizing for being a part of the Dorseys for which Lucia Wesson wants to kill him on spot.

You have the choice to either let her kill him or arrest him. The Best option is to arrest him since killing him will lead you to fight 700 Families Youth and you won’t even increase your reputation.

Leave the Garden of God and you’re given two choices either to have Lucia as your companion or not.

Head back to Sheriff Daisy’s office, talk to her for a while and end the mission and get rewarded with a Merc Armor, Merc Helmet, Merc Leggings, Patriarch Marshals Reputation +1, Hundred Families Reputation +5, Recruitable Companion: Lucia Wesson and Hope Emerson will join the Ranger HQ as the Jail Officer.

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