Wasteland 3 Classes Guide

Wasteland 3 classes provide you with a bunch of really nifty pre-existing styles to play as during your travels across Colorado

Wasteland 3 classes provide you with a bunch of really nifty pre-existing styles to play as during your adventures in the post-apocalyptic world. Alternatively, you can also custom design your own characters.

How to Customize Class in Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 comes with a traditional class system that allows you more options in customization and playstyle selection.

We will go over how to customize a class as well as the different classes in the game.

Each starter weapon has its own set of pros and cons so you should pick according to your play style.

Assault Rifles
If you want to run and gun, then we recommend you go with Assault Rifles. They’re tactile, have good range and can be used to finish off enemies on the go. This works great against armor as well.

Bladed weapons
These are great for slicing and dicing foes but aren’t as tough against armor. You should use them alongside weapons with high penetration power such as the Assault Rifle.

Blunt weapons
These are ideal for staggering foes and dealing high damage.

Heavy weapons
How well you do with these depends on what you contribute to your attributes. This results in you later unlocking wholly new weapons in the game in order to deal status effects on foes.

These are great for characters that need to hold off enemies for a small amount of time. They have great accuracy and use up less action points.

These are great for taking out cover and doing spread damage to any foes within close range.

These are good for close combat but don’t have that much power so they’re not that useful against armored foes. That still makes them a viable option when dealing with any other foe that is in close range.

Sniper rifles
These are made for long-range combat. You’ll need to make each bullet count but they’re great for clearing out enemies from a distance.

Spending Attribute Points

You are given 14 attribute points at the start. How you spend them is up to you and here are the different categories you can invest in.

You get action points along with resistance to debuffs.

This grants you bonus weapon penetration and events to increase crit damage and increase your chance for crits, free actions, evading bullets, and crit resistance.

This boosts perception along with your hit chance with every weapon ranged weapons.

Boosts the health of higher-leveled characters and improves damage done by melee and throwing weapons.

Makes you spend less action points while moving in combat.

This increases your chance of doing crit along with the extra damage it gives lets you dish out. In addition to that, it also gives you bonus skill points when you’re at character creation.

As the name implies, it makes you more charismatic so that your leadership is respected more. You also get more mission rewards and a boost to the charge rate of your strike meter.

Wasteland 3 Classes


Trooper is the beginner friendly class in Wastelands 3. The class provides you a veteran with balanced stats, allowing you to quickly pick up the game mechanics and take part in all the different playstyles the game has to offer.

Trooper features good aim and the class is well versed with the use of explosives making it a decent choice for all players. These skills provide Troopers to be decent long range and close-range units.

The main skills for you to invest in are Awareness and Charisma. Both of these will make you better at detecting and avoiding land mines and having a higher chance of landing hits. This not only provides survivability to your character, but also better damage output.

Combat Medic

Every game has a support class and these support classes are the difference between winning and losing encounters. Combat Medics allows you to heal the main attacking forces of your party.

The Combat medic has almost no aggression and is virtually useless when alone. But when paired with any other class that can deal high damage, Combat Medic can heal them allowing them to last much longer in the fight and have a massive impact in your skirmishes.

The only skill we recommend for you to invest in for playing Combat medic is the Speed Skill. With this, you can heal your allies much faster while spending less Action Points. This means you can top up party member health whilst also having enough action points in the tank to engage the enemy.


Robots are a nuisance in Wasteland 3 and can seem like incredibly unfair units. Other than these, the battlefield is littered with tech that, though not active, can be used to strengthen you position and footing in the battle.

This is where the Hacker comes in. you can reprogram these devices and use them for your benefit. You can even hack enemy robots and sentry to get them to fight on your side. Even though Hacker seems a very situational class as compared to the other more versatile classes, Hackers do come in handy in a lot of fights.

The major skill investments for this class should be in Intelligence and Awareness. The first choice is self-explanatory, as you do want your Hacker to be intelligent, while the second skill allows him to detect any possible traps around the tech that you want to hack.


Wasteland 3 locks the good loot in chests and safes and you need this loot to progress and make you units better in the late game. Various locked doors, when opened, provide great vantage points and areas through which you can rotate your characters to get them in the best position to fight.

Infiltrator allows you to open these locked doors and safes. You can get access to new paths, areas of the map, and powerful items in the match that can help you a great deal in every fight.


Wasteland 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic world and it’s hard to find shiny new gear for yourself. Hence, you need a Mechanic to repair anything you got.

Mechanic is the second support class. Though he is a better fight then the medic, mechanic truly shines in holding the fort for your team. Mechanic can repair generators and even any damaged or destroyed sentry that you have lost during the course of the battle.

Mechanics can be a huge help in not only solidifying your defenses, whilst also making use of the various machines your find during your fights.

Awareness and Intelligence are the major skills that your mechanic can benefit from greatly.


The Inventor Class is the crafting class of the game. As you defeat enemies, you collect various items and these can be used to craft items to aid you in your fights.

Inventor can help you craft even explosives, mines and consumables that can turn the tide of the battle in an instant.

Looking at Inventor’s skills, the best attribute to invest in is the Intelligence stat for Inventors.


Here comes the best adapted class for almost every situation. Survivalists are well trained and are ready for anything that they may face. Spotting hidden caches, traps and training animals are just few of their skills.

The best stats to invest in for Survivalist is Perception and Luck. Both of these skills add to Survivalist’s skill set and makes them better at what they do, surviving and scavenging.


Snipers are the bane of all players in Wasteland 3. Long range precision shooters that seldom miss their target. The long range engagement keeps them safe from many of the other classes that can only engage an enemy at medium or close range. This also allows them to stay away from the danger and hold key positions easily from a distance.

Snipers have extremely good accuracy, meaning if any enemy makes it close to you, you can easily land a critical hit and get rid of them for good.

The best stats for Snipers are Intelligence, as it allows you to land more critical hits for some reason, and Coordination.


What is a futuristic game without cyborgs? Wasteland 3 has Modders. This class the ability to mod themselves and get prosthetic limbs with powerful weaponry attached.

Modders can become very powerful with repeated self-surgeries and can turn themselves into behemoths ready to crush anything in their path.

The best stat for Modders is, as you guessed it, is Intelligence, as making and implanting the prosthetic arms and legs can be difficult.


Trader is the last support class. They can help you get items and raw material in the game, and even recognize weak points of your enemies. This character basically serves as a scout for your team.

Though not a very strong class itself, Trader can be a useful ally when fighting against stronger enemies as you can use the knowledge of their weaknesses in the fight.


Commander class benefits from high Charisma. Leading the troops in battle, the class can help provide different buffs to your units, make them more coordinated and increase the overall effectiveness of your troops in every fight.

Commander is a must have class for almost every fight, as the moral boost, good offense and his overall presence can make a huge difference in the fight.


The toughest class in the game, Enforcers may be a melee class but has the highest damage output in the entire game. They can easily knock anyone out if they get too close and is the perfect defending class in the game.

A single Enforces, placed in corners ready to ambush the enemy can make quick work of anyone in the game.


Brawlers are the quicker and sneaker version of Enforcers. They have fast attacks and can evade most of the attacks thrown at them, making them perfect for pushing into enemy lines with support from other classes.

Brawlers also use up less Action Points for every move they make, and thus you can use Brawlers more freely in every fight, even if you make mistakes in your moves.

Explosive Expert

The class that can deal the highest damage. As evident, Explosive Expert can use massive explosions during the fight. Even if you miss, you deal AoE damage and will hit your target nonetheless. If you don’t miss, then you know what happens when bombs go Kaboom.

Strength is the best stat to invest in as your range for explosives will increase and you can then use your character with more strategy.