Wasteland 3 Build a Better Reagan Walkthrough

Build a Better Reagan is a secondary mission in Wastelands 3. Secondary mission in Wasteland 3 are optional missions which a player can do to receive different types of rewards. In this guide, we have the complete Build a Better Reagan walkthrough for you.

Wasteland 3 Build a Better Reagan

In this mission, your objective will be to upgrade the key sub-systems which are running defense systems of the Gippers.

This mission can be started at the Denver Ruins. You will have to upgrade or downgrade 3 computers located at Denver ruins.

We have listed the locations of the Computers below.

Computer #1
The first computer is present in a small building in the middle of the map. You will have to melt the ice wall to make the computer work.

Use your mechanic skill to fix the generator and the heater will melt it or you can use a flame thrower or weapon to destroy the wall.

Once you have melted the Ice wall, the computer will start working.

Computer #2
The second computer can be found in the Gippers base on the left part of the Denver Ruins.

You will need Nerd stuff level 5 or Weird science level 6 to fix the computer and make it work.

Computer #3
The last computer is present in the Gippers base on the right side of the map. There will be a guard blocking access to the computer.

You will need Kiss Ass level 6 or Kiss Ass 4 level + Gippers’ “Liked” reputation to convince the guard to let you use the computer.

Mission Rewards
After interacting with all three computers, the mission will be finished.

You will receive 200$ and a Laser Turret as a reward for completing the mission.

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