Wasteland 3 A Nightmare in the Bizarre Walkthrough

A Nightmare in The Bizarre takes you around the Bizarre while investigating the threat. This Wasteland 3 A Nightmare in...

A Nightmare in The Bizarre takes you around the Bizarre while investigating the threat. This Wasteland 3 A Nightmare in the Bizarre guide will walk you through the entirety of this secondary mission.

Someone is terrorizing the Monster Army and the inhabitants of the Bizarre and you must investigate.

Wasteland 3 A Nightmare in the Bizarre

Once you’ve entered The Bizarre, as part of the main mission, you’ll be able to take on the secondary mission A Nightmare in the Bizarre.

As you might remember, The Bizarre is basically a marketplace where people of all sorts come peddling their wares. Anything illegal? You can find it here.

It also happens to be the turf of the Monster Army faction so tread carefully as you don’t want these guys hunting you down.

It’s a completely optional mission but taking it will add to the story of the game and enrich your playthrough. Level 6 is recommended to take this mission.

Talk to Flab
To begin, talk to Simon the Squatch and ask about the explosion. He’ll direct you to his boss Flab.

Head over to the far end of the Bizarre and then up the stairs towards the left to find Flab behind the door. Talk to him, he’ll tell you about the creature roaming the Warrens.

Investigate the Warrens
You must now Investigate the Warrens. Head over to the marked location to get fast travel to the Warrens. Once you’re down there, keep heading forward deeper into the Warrens.

You’ll come across a frightened guard by a gate, pass through him by telling him, Flab sent you. Behind the door, you’ll encounter Waste Wormlings. Kill them and loot their corpses.

Going forwards, you’ll encounter a locked gate. Use sneaky skills level 3 to unlock the gate and move ahead.

There are a few Payasos here, kill them all in battle and collect limerick notes from the area. The limerick notes will help you unlock the next door with the computer terminal.

There are three notes in total. Use the notes to unlock the next door. The correct door combination is:

  1. “We’re the punchline to every joke”
  2. ”But el Payaso Mejor”
  3. “Will even the score”
  4. “And shit down your throats til you choke”

That’ll unlock the door. Head through and clear the rest of the Payasos.

Report Back to Flab
Once all the Payasos have been cleared, you must head back to the main floor and report to Flab to collect the reward.

You’ll receive $779, Monster Army Reputation: +15 and The Drill Sergeant’s Phrase Book as a reward.

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