How To Do A Finishing Move In Warzone 2

If you are returning from Legacy Warzone, you already know how to execute enemies in style by performing a unique finisher. If you are jumping into Call of Duty: Warzone 2 for the first time, know that every operator in the game has a unique finishing move to kill downed enemies.

Just remember that while executions are flashy, they make you vulnerable to enemy fire for a few seconds. Your operator gets locked into a finishing animation until the execution is complete. You will not be able to move or fire your weapon during this time.

The following guide will tell you how to do a finishing move in Warzone 2.

How to perform a finishing move in WZ2

There are two ways to do a finishing move in Warzone 2. You can either execute enemies from behind or after they have been downed. The inputs are the same for both ways.

Get into position and hold down the melee button. This is R3 and V on a controller and keyboard by default respectively. Remember that you can always change your melee binds by going into settings.

Try sneaking up on enemies for executions by crouching instead of sprinting. You will make less noise and not alert enemies with your footstep audio. That being said, you can also take an enemy completely by surprise by sprinting behind them to do a finishing move.

In situations where you are either limited to a sidearm or are out of ammunition, try to get behind the enemy during a scuffle for an execution. Enemy players in WZ2 most often will be jumping around trying to reload or take aim. Use that to your advantage by holding your melee button while positioning yourself on their sides.

Warzone 2 provides you with a lot of different finishing moves but you can only choose one before a match. Select an operator and then go into customization to select a finishing move.

Take note that you can execute as well as interrogate downed enemies to mark the entire enemy squad.

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