Best Warzone 2 Audio Settings To Hear Footsteps

Listing to enemy footsteps has always been a core gameplay aspect of Call of Duty games. That does not change...

Listing to enemy footsteps has always been a core gameplay aspect of Call of Duty games. That does not change with the new Warzone 2.

Having crisp and clear audio will let you know if there is someone trying to flank your squad or moving their way outside.

You obviously need a good audio system and drivers for this purpose, as well as a bit of familiarity with how to listen and decipher enemy footsteps. You also need some good audio settings to accompany your hardware.

In the following guide, you will learn how to make footsteps louder in Warzone 2.

How to make footsteps louder in Warzone 2

It is rather unfortunate that while Warzone 2 features improved and enhanced audio over Legacy Warzone, its stock audio settings are rather suboptimal.

Head into Settings through the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen to set the following audio options.


Audio MixHome Theater
Master Volume50
Music Volume0
Dialogue Volume20
Effects Volume100
Hit Marker Volume20
Speakers/Headphones Game Sound DeviceDefault System Device
Mono AudioOff

Voice Chat

Voice ChatOn
Game Voice ChannelAll Lobby
Voice Chat DeviceDefault System Device
Voice Chat Recording modePush to Talk
Voice Chat Volume40
Microphone TestOff
Microphone DeviceDefault System Device


Auto-Connect At Match StartOff
Mute Yourself When ConnectingOn

Audio Advanced Settings

Juggernaut Music: OffOff
Hit Marker Sound Effects: ClassicClassic
Mute Game When Minimized: OnOn
Reduce Tinnitus Sound: OnOn

Something that needs to be pointed out is that setting Audio Mix to Headphones Bass Boost to does increase footstep sounds in Warzone 2. However, the Bass Boost also amplifies the other sounds like explosions and gunshots.

This can blend footsteps into other sounds or worse, cause harm to your eardrums. Hence, the Home Theater setting works best in isolating footsteps to make them prominent and louder.

The setting mentioned above are made for all the players but if it does not work for you, you can tweak the settings to your advantage. The settings will differ depending on the audio hardware and audio filter that you are using.

I can’t hear footsteps in Warzone 2

The footstep audio bug has returned from Legacy Warzone. If you have been playing Warzone 2, there must have been some situations where an enemy sprinted right behind you without making a noise.

That has nothing to do with your audio settings. It is a well-known bug that blends the sound of enemy footsteps with the environment or removes it altogether.

Furthermore, if you cannot hear enemy footsteps, it can also be because they were using Dead Silence, a Field Upgrade that masks all of your footsteps for a limited time.

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