How Warzone 2 Interrogations Work?

Interrogation is a brand-new game mechanic introduced in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 that allows you to extract information from downed enemies.

The following guide will help you fully understand and utilize the Integration feature in Warzone 2.

How to interrogate enemy players in WZ2

Once you have downed an enemy player, get close enough as if you are about to perform an execution. You will see a prompt to Interrogate the downed enemy. Opt for the interrogation to extract crucial information instead of a finishing move.

Following a brief animation sequence that involves you putting a knife at their throat, the downed enemy will reveal the locations of all of their teammates on the minimap.

Take note that the enemy locations will only be revealed for a short duration in the nearby/surrounding areas. They also need to be alive and not in the gulag, for example.

Furthermore, you will see them as red dots on your minimap as well as through walls similar to how a Snapshot Grenade works.

This will let you and your team quickly track down the remaining enemy players to wipe out their squad. Just note that you cannot interrogate AQ Soldiers because the AI enemies of WZ2 cannot be downed.

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