Can You Reset Your Lieutenant Or Captain In Wartales?

Picking the right captain for your team in Wartales is important so you need to be able to reset your selection if you make a mistake..

In the open-world environment of the RPG Wartales, it is quite possible for you to make some mistakes in your early game decisions. One such decision is choosing a wrong or unsuitable Lieutenant or Captain for your in-game Wartales team. If you have been wondering whether you can reset your mistakes in Wartales and change the previous Captain/ Lieutenant to appoint a more suitable one in their place, wonder no more.

The answer is yes! You are allowed to reset the previously selected captain or lieutenant in your gameplay. A very comforting news right? Now let us get to the exact method of doing so.

How to change or reset your Captain/Lieutenant in Wartales

The Galvanise Troops ability of Captains and the Tactical Orders skill of Lieutenants make these positions highly important and responsible for future victories or losses. This also means one has to be really careful while selecting a leader for their team in Wartales.

Ideally, a Captain should have better stats than most of the other recruits in your allies. However, it is quite difficult for one to pick & choose from a set of different characters having unique abilities and skills in their arsenal.

There are basically two methods of swapping out your team leader for a better option in the game.

Method 1

Make your way to the base camp, and look for your character sheet. After clicking on the Gear-wheel in the character menu, select the option that says, “Make a New Captain/Lieutenant”. Doing this will demote the current Captain or Lieutenant from its position. You are now free to promote another suitable candidate for this important position.

Method 2 (Unethical)

In Wartales, one more option is there to replace the Captain or Lieutenant. However, this one is morally unethical, so act on your own conscience. Apply this method only in a situation where you have decided to permanently remove the candidate from your recruits list.

Additionally, you can intentionally put the present Captain or Lieutenant in trouble. For example, you can do some criminal activity and then let the building guard catch you easily.

Now, quickly shift yourself into the character of a Captain/ Lieutenant while this culprit capturing occurs. The demoted candidate will never forgive you though for doing such malice against them.

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