Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Markus Kruber Guide – How To Build, Mercenary, Huntsman, Foot Knight

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Markus Kruber Guide to help you learn all about becoming proficient with Markus. In this guide, we have discussed all the careers, how to build Markus, and some general tips and guidelines.

Markus Kruber is one of the heroes that you can play in Warhammer: Vermintide 2. He has 3 different classes and a lot of different play styles which is why he can be a little difficult to figure out. Like all of the characters in the new Warhammer, Markus is quite diverse and has a lot of complexities which help make him a relatable and interesting figure.

This Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Markus Kruber Guide will tell you all about Markus Kruber. Information regarding all of his abilities will be given along with how to best use the character when inside of the game.

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Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Markus Kruber

Markus has 3 different classes. Mercenary, Huntsman and the Foot Knight. The mercenary is good for close fights with a lot of enemies. It has a lot of damage and can be used to crowd control enemies.

The Huntsman class is very difficult to use but can be perfect in the hands of someone skilled enough to utilize its potential. It provides ranged DPS so it requires you to be quite precise. The Foot Knight is essentially a tank which has a lot of defense and attacks enemies at close ranges.

All of these classes work differently and are quite unique in terms of the bonuses that they grant. They also have strengths and weaknesses which are unique to those specific classes, so let’s go ahead and see in detail how we can utilize each of the classes of Markus.

How To Play Markus Kruber

The first class is the Mercenary class. If you manage to hit 3 different enemies in a single swing, then you get a 10% increase in your attack speed for 6 seconds. This can be buffed or applied to your squad if you use the correct talents. Your job as a Mercenary is to clear out the horde of enemies since you can cleave multiple enemies at once.

Do not be afraid to charge in since that is your primary objective as a mercenary. You also have a morale boost skill which will give you and your squad temporary health. It can also slow down enemies and make them stagger, although that is not its primary objective. Remember that Morale Boost has no effect on enemy bosses.

Huntsman is a class which can be great in the right circumstances. However, the amount of skill required to adequately use this class is insane. You recover 1 ammunition for each headshot that you get, and you will need those headshots if you want to keep on hitting the enemies. Most of your talents will also be tied to your ability to headshot enemies so it is imperative for you to headshot enemies.

Your rifles will also have very low ammunition when you use this class, so beware of the fact before you become a Huntsman. Your career skill can help you get out of battle or get into it by making you invisible for a short amount of time. Also, remember that your next attack after you pop out of the stealth mode deals a lot more damage than a normal attack.

The Foot Knight class not only gives you an aura which means that you take reduced damage, but you also get reduced damage taken which applies to your squad as well. These two stack and will ensure that you take as little damage as possible.

Also, remember that you have a lot more stamina than other classes so you can simply use your shield to block enemy attacks and attack them in between to deal them damage. Your career skill will plunge you forward and will make you help your squad mate out.


Let’s take a look at the talents for the classes.

For the first talent, it is best if you take ‘And Stay Down’. This is because you want to deal as much damage as possible. Moreover, Stay Down is by far the only viable choice if you are playing as the Foot Knight and are going the tanky route, but the other options are also fine and can work as long as you have your play style built up around them.

The More the Merrier is another talent that is quite useful for you. Since your primary task is to dive in to enemies both as a mercenary and as a foot knight, you will probably have 5 enemies around you during battle. This means that you can get as much as a 25% increase in power.

Reikland Reaper will allow you to attack faster and deal more damage as long as you manage to activate your passive (which is very easy to do). This means that you will be able to, well, deal a ton of damage regardless of whether you are tanky or not.

For the Empire is perfect as it meshes with your first ability (if you select ‘And Stay Down’). This will allow your critical strikes to give you temporary health and survive for a longer amount of time during the heat of the battle. It may even ensure that you take next to no damage if you managed to get a lot of hits on enemies.

The last skill should be quite obvious. Take On Yet Feet, Mates. This allows you to instantly revive any fallen comrades in battle with your Morale Boost and it can easily change the outcome of any fight. Now you will be saving your Morale Boost and using it at the right time to immediately make your mates rise from the ashes and wreak havoc.

You need headshots so On Target is the best as the first weapon. Headshots synergize really well with most of your kit and you will need as many headshots as possible so On Target can reduce the spray of your weapon and make it more likely for you to get headshots.

Scavenger is good because you do not get a lot of ammo through the level and you can use the bosses as a way to replenish your ammo.

The third ability should be Taal’s Blessing since it will further help you with making sure that you do not run out of ammo. As you may have guessed by now, ammo plays a massive role in your play style as a huntsman and this ability works towards replenishing it.

The fourth ability should be For the Empire. You will get health from crits and since you will already have a good critical strike chance due to your passive, this means that you can easily sustain yourself through the battles.

Hunter’s Respite is good since it completely revitalizes your chances in a fight. You can use it to heal almost half of your HP in certain situations. This can be your last-ditch effort as you realize that you might die soon. All you will need to do is to activate Hunter’s Prowl and you will come back into the fight.

Foot Knight
For your first talent, it is best to get Bulwark since it allows you to be much more effective with the shield. This talent will allow you to push people away even if they are not on your screen, perfect for a tanky class like the foot knight.

Build Momentum works perfectly for this class as the second talent. You will get more stamina and will be able to defend against more attacks. Having this class will ensure that you can block attacks without worrying about your stamina most of the time.

The third ability is Defensive Formation as it will allow everyone in your squad to get more damage reduction. Since you already have a good amount of defense, it is best to take defensive formation to help your team in the fights.

The Harder They Fall is best as it allows you to get more health after every boss. Now you will be able to use your bandages and potions on your squad mates rather than yourself and you can protect your team even more than you could before.

The last talent should be Hold Ground as you can charge in and block every single attack there is for 10 seconds. You can engage fights or protect your team mates all the same with this talent. Knock down the enemy and use your shield to provide limitless cover for your squad (only for 10 seconds of course).

That is all we have for our Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Markus Kruber Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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