Warhammer 3 Daemon Prince Customization Guide

The dreaded Daemon Prince hails from the Legion of Chaos, one of the most customizable factions in Total War: Warhammer 3. It hence becomes all the more important that players tailor the legendary lord according to their preferences. The following Warhammer 3 customization guide will look into the Daemon Prince.

Customizing Daemon Prince in Warhammer 3

You can start the customization process by giving the Daemon Prince a new name through the lord selection screen.

Once done, you can make your way towards the Daemonic Glory tab at the bottom right of the screen. This tab holds several cosmetic customization options such as for the head, torso, wings, arms, legs, tail, and weapons.

You can purchase these cosmetics from the four Chaos Gods by paying in Glory. As for how players can earn more Glory to purchase more and more customizations, read on.

Earning Glory in Warhammer 3

The way to earn Glory depends purely upon the god in question. You can earn Glory by completing the tasks related to that god.

Tasks like accomplishing all the assigned missions and quests, establishing settlements, and pledging victories to gods of your choices. Moreover, players can earn Glory by gaining victories in battles as well.

After gaining the victory in a battle, you can then dedicate it to the god of your choice to earn Glory as a reward. Similarly, if you build a settlement or capture any settlement, you can earn Glory by dedicating it to any of the four gods.

In this way, you can earn Glory to buy the items required for the customization of the prince.

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