Warcraft 3 Reforged Night Elf Build Order Guide

In this Warcraft 3 Reforged Night Elf Build Order, we will give you some useful builds to ensure easy wins. Each Build Order will provide a different tactic which will be useful in certain situations when playing the Night Elf race.

Warcraft 3 Reforged Night Elf Build Order

Beginner Build Order

This Warcraft 3 Reforged build order is designed such that it will perform decent against all other races. It provides a great foundation and a great all-round army that will be able to hold itself.

Begin this build order by training wisps. Put 4 wisps to work on gold and 1 on building an Altar. Order the first trained wisp to build a Moonwell.

Order the 2nd trained one to work on lumber and order the 3rd one to build Ancient of War. Send another wisp to the gold mine so that a total of 5 wisps will be working on your gold mine now.

When your Altar the finished building, start training your Demon Hunter hero. Send the 5th trained wisp to build another Moonwell. It will start building the Moonwell as soon as you farm enough lumber.


Meanwhile keep summoning more wisps and order them to work on lumber. As soon as your Ancient Of War finishes, start training Archers.

Our aim for this WC3 Reforged build order will be to get 5 trained Archers along with the Ancient of War.

When you have 26/30 food, upgrade to tier 2. When you get 28/30 food, build your 3rd Moonwell. By this time, your 5th archer will have finished training.

When your Tree of life tier 2 upgrade is half done, build a hunter’s hall, a shop and another Moonwell.

When your tier 2 upgrade is complete, train 1 Keeper of the Grove at the Altar and 2 Ancient of Lore.

When you have enough resources, get Ultravision from the Hunter’s Hall and Improved Bows from the Ancient of War.

When the Keeper of the Grove finishes, get a moonstone, a staff and a HP pot. When the Ancient of Lore finishes, get Dryad and abolish magic spells.

At this point, the basic foundation of your Warcraft 3 Build Order is complete. Get 4x dryads and continuous bears with upgrades. At 40/50 food, upgrade to tier 3. When you reach tier 3, get final bear upgrade.

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