Warcraft 3 Reforged Night Elf Build Order Guide

Follow this Warcraft 3 Reforged build order guide for the Night Elf race to ensure this somewhat weak faction is still viable in situations

Warcraft 3 Reforged requires a balanced build order for Night Elf. The ideal party composition would be Archers, Huntresses, Bears, Dryads, and a Giant to tank the damage. As for beginners, your focus should be on keeping heroes belonging to the Keepers of the Grove as your primary hero and the Priestess of the Moon as your secondary hero.

In this WC3 Night Elf Build Order Guide, we will give you some useful builds to ensure easy wins. Each Build Order will provide a different tactic useful in certain situations when playing the Night Elf race.

1. Opening Build Order

Once the game starts, send 4 wisps to the gold mine and let your remaining wisp build the altar. You can start producing 2 wisps immediately and always keep 2 in the production line (queue).

The first wisp out of the tree will start building a Moonwell, the second wisp will construct the Ancient of War, and the third wisp will be sent directly to the gold mine. As for the fourth wisp, it will start collecting wood and send the wisp to construct an altar, and Moonwell will collect wood after their work is done. Once the Moonwell and altar are ready, begin training your heroes; start with Keeper of the Grove.

2. Spell Selection

Train your heroes, and you must choose Treants as your first spell and Thorns Aura as your second spell.

3. Build another Moonwell

When you have 40 woods and 15/20 food, use the wisps that come out of the Tree of Life and Moonwell to construct a second Moonwell. All the wisps in your production queue will be sent directly to collect wood.

4. Harvest Wood And Scout

You will need around 9 wisps to collect wood and one to scout. In total, 10 wisps are recommended. The enemy will try to attack your wisps, so having backups is important.

5. Train Archers

As soon as the Ancient of War is up, start training your archers.

6. Build The Ancient of Wonders

Amidst the delay in training your archers, you should build the Ancient of Wonders, an in-base shop that will let you purchase valuable items for your heroes.

7. Explore With Your Archers

Once your Keeper finishes training, start creeping with your archer. If you’re a beginner, use Treants, but if you’re an advanced player, use Entangled. As soon as you have your heroes trained, start creeping, as it is important to gain experience.

8. Build The Hunter’s Hall

Use one of the wisps to build the hunter’s hall while your heroes are creeping around, gaining experience. This building allows you to research, upgrade your units, and build huntresses.

9. Time To Upgrade

When your food reaches 26/30, upgrade your Tech to Tier 2. During that time, build 2 Moonwells consecutively at 180 Gold each, allowing you to build stronger units once you reach Tier 2. By this time, if you still have 5 archers, upgrade them; if any of all of them are dead, train Dryads.

10. Army Composition

By this time you should have the following composition for your army according to our WC3 Night Elf Build Order Guide.

  • Archers/Dryads (4-5)
  • Huntresses (3)
  • Bears (3-4)
  • Giant (1)

11. Tier 2 Upgrades

Once your build reaches Tier 2, train your second hero, Priestess of the Moon, and choose Trueshot Aura as its primary skill and Searing Arrows as a secondary skill. Afterwards, build the Ancient of Lore, try to get two buildings.

12. Tier 3 Upgrades

When you get your good at 40/50, upgrade the Tech to Tier 3 and when you’re at Tier 3, upgrade your bear and giant.

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