Walmart Canada At It Again, Lists Pokemon Switch Online

Walmart has listed Pokemon Switch Online, with no box art, working title, or even a placeholder release date. The online store page where the Pokemon.

Well, Walmart has been having an interesting month lately, provided E3 is just around the corner, Walmart has been making various leaks regarding the upcoming or expected games. A little while back, among the few leaks which Walmart got right, was of Rage 2 and now the retailer is at it again. By listing Pokemon Switch Online it has caused a lot of hustle and bustle over the internet.

Walmart Canada has recently put up a list for a Pokemon on Nintendo Switch, with no box art, working title, or even a placeholder release date. The online store page where the Pokemon Switch Online has been listed is still up if you want to see it for yourself.

What we already know is that Pokemon game is coming to the Switch but what we are not sure of is, whether is it supposed to be Eevee, Pikachu pseudo-Yellow Version remake, that has been making entrances on the internet lately or not. Although we can be pretty much sure that Pokemon game is definitely in development for Switch and based on the Walmart leak it costs about $79.96.

We recommend you take this with a bit of caution, leaks are sometimes misleading but then again sometimes they are spot on.

That said, this is certainly not the first leak regarding Pokemon Switch Online. We have had various leaks that do give us some insight. A little while back an anonymous user 4chan claimed that the next Pokemon Nintendo will have two different versions and will be called “Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu” and “Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee”.

So while we wait for confirmation on that, the same user recently leaked more on the same game that, it shall feature the first generation Pokemon and will have more to share with Pokemon Go than we all expect it to.

Let’s hope that turns out to be the case. At the moment though at the moment, we are hanging on weak leak threads. Perhaps at E3, we might hear something?