RAGE 2 Existence Leaked, Bethesda Responds Masterfully

Walmart Canada has dropped a huge leak today, adding a bunch of unannounced titles games up for pre-order. Borderlands 3, Gears of War and more can be found among them and, interestingly, RAGE 2. Bethesda has responded to Walmart’s leak later in the day in the funniest way.

RAGE 2 is probably one of the titles Bethesda plans to announce at this year’s E3 but apparently, their spotlight has been stolen. Or not? A few hours later, the game’s Twitter account has been reactivated and its first post was an imaginative correction of Walmart’s placeholder.

This doesn’t actually confirm nor denies the existence of RAGE 2, however, a lot of the games that can be found on the list are said to be getting announced soon. Bethesda may have responded in a hilarious way but the fact that RAGE 2 has been leaked almost a month before its potential announcement actually hurts the company.

Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Marketing Pete Hines has also retweeted the RAGE 2 tweet saying “This is why we can’t have nice things”. Also, in an answer to a fan asking when we’ll see the next Doom, he replied that he should go buy a Magic 8-ball at Walmart and ask it, which makes the matter kind of serious and ironic.

For the time being Bethesda hasn’t confirmed the existence of RAGE 2 so we’ll have to wait for their showcase at E3 2018 to see if this happens. According to Pete Hines, they have some surprises in store for the big event.

Rumors have it that a Doom sequel and the next Elder Scrolls game is on the cards. However, nothing has been confirmed so far. E3  is set for June. The event will give us a look at Bethesda’s future plans for consoles and PC and we’ll probably get to see more of their titles released on Nintendo Switch as well.

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