Victoria 3 Puppet And Dominion Guide

Puppet and Dominion are two subject types in Victoria 3 that most players want to have through the diplomatic treaty...

Puppet and Dominion are two subject types in Victoria 3 that most players want to have through the diplomatic treaty called subject pact. But still, most need to learn about the difference between the Puppet and Dominion Subjects in Victoria 3.

So to lower the player’s curiosity and give them a better idea of what they should choose, we have prepared this Victoria 3 Puppet and Dominion guide.

Puppet and Dominion subjects in Victoria 3


A Puppet is a subject type in Victoria 3 that is entirely under the control of its Overlord. It is not allowed to start Diplomatic Plays on its own.

It has to participate in the battles of its Overlord. Not just that, even 30% of its weekly income goes to the Overlord treasure. 

A Puppet will always stay below its Overlord. The Overload can even attack its Puppet using the Annexation diplomatic play.


While on the other hand, Dominion is free and more independent from its Overlord in Victoria 3. You can’t force a Dominion to take part in your battle.

The Dominion is more of a relationship, but they provide you with 25% of their wealth. A Dominion can start its Diplomatic Plays as well, unlike the Puppet.

Which one is better for you, Puppet or Dominion

Well, as far as choosing the subject is concerned, there is no doubt that you would love to make countries your Puppets in Victoria 3.

You do not just get a massive cut from Puppet’s weekly income, but they will also support you in the battles. A Puppet will follow you, and you can make it do anything.

While on the other hand, Dominion best suits you to enter other countries’ markets and have a good relationship with them. You can’t take away the autonomy of Dominion. You can never force a Dominion to participate in your battles.

However, if you want to make some wealth, it is an excellent Subject to choose for the country you can’t make your Puppet in Victoria 3.

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