How To Make Money Faster In Victoria 3

Victoria 3 allows you to build and advance your own nation in the world. That monumental feat requires a sturdy...

Victoria 3 allows you to build and advance your own nation in the world. That monumental feat requires a sturdy economy and the ability to make as much money as possible.

If your coffers are empty, you will not be able to spend on your people let alone build facilities and buildings to advance through the ages.

The following guide will tell you exactly how to earn in Victoria 3.

How to make money fast in Victoria 3

Expand your industries

Expanding your industries is the first and foremost way of earning in the game. But this doesn’t mean that expanding the industry will always get you profit. It all depends upon your skills in the game.

First, you need to focus on what type of workers or resources you have and which industry is bringing you the most profit. Investing in some industry causing you losses will ruin your economy.

Do note that there is no reason for you to expand industries that are already in the red. That would be wasting precious resources as they are not going to benefit you from any side. Abandoning such industries and starting off with new ones based on the availability of resources and workers is highly recommended.

It is also not necessary to only expand growing industries. You can always start off a new one and earn money through that. But make sure that you construct a new one after analyzing the factors explained above.

Having built an industry and afterward having no workers to work in there will waste all your construction and resources as well.

Victoria 3 doesn’t have any devaluation mechanic. Knowing this you can invest in gold and coal mines as they are the greatest source of income. Mines are the best way to make money so investing in the mining industry is highly recommended.


Investment pools are a massive differentiator when it comes to developing your nation and its capabilities so make sure that you are using them at their fullest.

Having an investment pool will allow the associated pop type to take a portion of their weekly balance from buildings they own and put it into the national investment pool representing their interest in helping the nation establish.

The buildings they are interested to invest in are determined by the economic system. First focus on accumulating wealth using the investment pools. Don’t start building beforehand without getting enough wealth. It should cover at least the construction cost otherwise you are spending money you could have saved.

Improve trade

It goes without saying that every country needs a blooming trade. This is also one of your primary ways to make money in Victoria 3. It also depends upon multiple factors and strategies you follow.

The first step in trade is to start by creating trade routes. You can make unions with other interested nations ready to trade things. If you don’t have your own trade routes, you might be limited on what you can trade or exchange.

Managing and making a good strategy is the key to success in trading. You can check all about the goods you need to export or import from the market tab. You continuously need to monitor the items you are making in bulk. A surplus amount of such goods can be exported.

On the other hand, you timely need to import the goods you need to meet the demands of your country.

Tariffs are the taxes that are imposed on the goods you produce. They are applied to exporting goods. If you are exporting a lot, you can make a huge amount of money out of it. Removing such taxes can provide a boost to your industry as well.

Taking tributes

Collecting tributes from other nations is one of the most efficient ways to make money in Victoria 3. You need to put some effort to get the cash flowing. There are some factors that you must consider while picking a nation to bully into submission.

The first thing is the rank of the target nation. Rank decides if the target nation can be subjugated or not. Decentralized Powers are immune to getting subjugated.

Apart from the country’s rank, you should consider how quickly you would be able to defeat them in the war. The chances of winning a war against someone smaller than you are pretty much high because of their fewer troops and most likely you will conquer all their territory quickly.

Long wars are very much expensive so you must keep them as short as possible. You should also check their Barracks to see what kind of production methods your enemy has compared them to your own to see who has the technological superiority.

One other thing to consider is the financial value of the subject. It’s a percentage of their National Revenue regardless if they are making or losing money. Either way, they will provide you with the money. So picking a nation with higher National Revenue is going to benefit you a lot.

A decent indicator of a nation having a high National Revenue is if they have gold mines. Head over to lima and select the buildings tab. Locate the gold mines in the list click on gold and switch to show production.

Many states do not start with gold and get it when gets discovered. However, this is not the case for Lima. Lima always starts with the Gold and by following the procedure above you will thee the green-colored states. They are a good place to conquer.

There are mainly two types of target states, Puppets or Vassals. Puppets give you 20% of their National Revenue while Vassals give 15% of the revenue. So to make money by subjugating the nations make sure they are either puppets or vassals.

Keep an eye on your income cap

There is a capacity to how much money you can store in your coffers in the game. You can check that from the economy tab. If you hit your max capacity, you will stop earning. Hence, make sure to keep spending your money on industries and services before reaching your cap.

Manage taxation

Taxes are a core source of income regardless of which nation you are playing. Simply taxing your goods and people is the first step in starting the chain of making money. You have to create new taxation laws and manage the amount of taxes you are pushing onto your people.

Taxes are divided into different categories. The way you create tax laws and policies will have an effect on your income.

Income tax has an impact on all strata of society by taking a percentage of their wage. On the other hand, the poll tax is the flat tax amount that is applicable to all pops depending on the policies. As a flat tax, this type affects specifically the lower strata as they lose a significant amount of their income as compared to those making more money.

Consumption taxes are applied to goods asking pops to pay a surcharge when they purchase certain goods. The goods you use to tax will also have an impact on your pops. Taxing grain will affect lower strata while taxing luxury furniture will not have any significant effect on them.

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