How To Raise Bureaucracy Levels In Victoria 3

Bureaucracy is one of several factors that determine your nation’s development and success in Victoria 3. The main application of...

Bureaucracy is one of several factors that determine your nation’s development and success in Victoria 3. The main application of bureaucracy is tax collection and incorporating states which will lead you to have full control of lands etc.

All of these systems and capacities are interlinked in Victoria 3 and getting the hang of it might be a little bit confusing at the start. Once you master the basics then proceeding further will be a piece of cake. Read on for further details on Bureaucracy and learn how to increase it.

What is Bureaucracy

Among the three capacities in Victoria 3, bureaucracy is the representation of your nation’s day-to-day administrative tasks and operations. This ultimately contributes to the maintenance of your population and other departments such as military, trade routes, etc.

Simply, bureaucracy is the measure of your nation’s ability to keep things running smoothly in the country.

How to increase Bureaucracy in Victoria 3

At the start, a base value of bureaucracy will be set for your nation. To increase it, the best way is to develop and upgrade government administrative buildings and departments.

With each level, bureaucracy will be increased by 50, leading to a rise in taxation capacity too.

Do note that paper is a vital necessity to maintain these buildings, thus ensuring a proper and efficient supply of paper before planning to expand administrative buildings in your nation.

Building new government buildings and upgrading existing ones will also provide a large boost to Urbanization and Taxation in the surrounding areas.

Having surplus bureaucracy is a huge advantage. The efficiency of developing other departments and buildings is increased and it can even be used in emergencies.

An example is establishing a trade route for a good that you are facing a shortage of and planning to import from outside. However, it will be a problem for you if it goes in negative. Thus, make sure to keep your bureaucracy positive.

In addition to this, you can also use a special trait to maintain your bureaucracy known as the Middle Managers Trait. This trait is activated by the Petite Bourgeoisie interest group when their happiness reaches 5 or above. A 10% boost is provided to your bureaucracy output making it a lot easier for you to maintain it.

How to decrease Bureaucracy deficit

Although Bureaucracy can a powerful tool in increasing your grip on your nation, it can also become very expensive to maintain. This is especially true when your nation is facing some sort of emergency. In times of crisis you can run into deficits due to bad bureaucracy.

However, there are a few things you can do to make sure you are not spending more then you need to on your Bureaucracy.

Avoid incorporating new states in too fast in your country. Let your existing states develop enough so that you have substantial earnings from them before you decide to incorporate a new state. This is because any state that hasn’t been incorporated into the country uses no money from its reserves. Expanding too fast will make it difficult for you to make sure your resources are kept stable.

Try to remove any Trade Routes with countries with whom you don’t have a Trade Agreement. This agreement allows you to cut down on the cost of maintaining your trade. Maintaining trade can be very expensive for bureaucracy.

Enact Free Trade laws in your states. This allows you to reduce the cost for trade routes.

Enact the Hereditary Bureaucrats, Traditionalism and Consumption-Based Taxation laws for your states. This allows you to get rid of any unwanted bureaucracy you might have running in a state for no reason.

This makes it so that the size of your bureaucracy in any state is determined by the size of the population in that state.

Admirals and Generals in times of peace can be a huge burden on the economy. If you are not at war, or not even at risk of war, you can retire some of your Generals and Admirals. This will free up some of your bureaucracy budgets.

Reduce the level of your institutions. High-level institutions require higher upkeep, and you can lower the level of your institutions to reduce the costs of maintaining them.

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