COD Vanguard Zombies: Archon Easter Egg Guide

Lord Kortifex awaits your arrival.

The Archon map holds one of the toughest boss fights that players can experience by completing the Easter Egg in Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombies. To do this, players must be ready for anything as they’ll be facing a couple of challenges throughout the length of the Easter Egg.

If you ever get stuck on any of the Easter Egg steps, this guide would be of great assistance

How to complete The Archon Easter Egg in Vanguard Zombies

Before we begin with the guide, it is important to note that this Easter Egg can be completed solo as well as in co-op. However, there will be slight changes and extra tasks that players must endure.

Step 1 – Activate the Pack-A-Punch machine

After spawning in the map, players will notice that the PaP machine behind them has been stuck in a different dimension. To bring it back, players must find two parts scattered around the map.

The first part of the Pack-A-Punch machine is located on the eastern section of the map. Simply purchase the door on the right side of the spawn area and go past the Venomous Vigor perk to spot the part on top of the crashed aircraft.

For the second part, purchase the door that leads to the western section of the map and go straight until you reach the abandoned train. The second part will be placed on the top of the train. Once both parts are acquired, return to the PaP machine and insert both of the parts to begin a ritual.

The ritual will require players to kill all of the special zombies in that area to feed the Pack-A-Punch machine with souls. Once the zombies are cleared, you’ll have unlocked the PaP machine on the map Archon.

Step 2 – Spawn the Dark Aether portal

Complete the round after unlocking the Pack-A-Punch to spawn a purple enchantment on the pedestal in the spawn area. Interact with the pedestal to spawn a dark aether portal.

Head inside the portal to teleport to another dimension, and then survive by killing anything that comes at you until the game eventually downs you.

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your perks or abilities, it is the game’s way of progressing through the Archon Easter Egg in Vanguard.

Step 3 – Complete the Trials

After you’re downed, you’ll be spawned back into the main area of the map. Now what you need to do is complete three different trails around the map. We’ve mentioned all three trials below.

Trial 1 – Resilience
To begin this trial, players must look for glowing crystals in the area where the aether portal was. These red crystals have dark smoke coming out of them and are placed on top of the rock cliffs. Simply shoot them until a red orb comes out of them and follow the orb until it halts in front of the Decimator Shield

Once you have found the orb, head to the northern section of the map where the Diabolical Damage perk fountain is placed to find a Red Skull on the desk. Acquiring the skull will stop you from sprinting and a challenge will be prompted on the left side of HUD. Complete the challenge and place the acquired item into the orb.

This process will be repeated two more times. One item can be found placed on the desk next to the Demonic Frenzy (Speed-Cola) perk and will be in the form of a hat. Once again you won’t be able to sprint and have to complete the challenge before you can place the item into the orb.

For the last item players will have to find a shovel. The shovel spawns in multiple locations around the map usually in the campsite where you found the hat. Simply take the shovel and head to the train area of the map where you found a part for the PaP machine.

Use the shovel to dig up the graves until one of them provides you with the Femur part. Complete the challenge for the dug-up item and bring it back to the orb. Providing all three parts to the orb will drop the Decimator Shield for you to equip on the Archon.

Once the shield is acquired, interact with the obelisk placed in front of the crashed train to spawn a few meat pillars to spawn in the area. What you will have to do is use the shield’s alternative attack to break the pillars and obtain the part. Once the part is obtained, drop it in the empty perk fountain right next to the red orb.

This process will be repeated 3 times on solo and five times until the perk fountain is filled with blood to complete the first trail of the Archon Easter Egg.

Trial 2 – Sacrifices
For this trial players will be required to get a hold of three molotovs and use them to light up three torches. These torches are quite easy to find, simply travel to the train area to spot one of the unlit torches on the right side of the crashed cart.


Molotovs can be brought from the wallbuy right next to the Venomous Vigor perk fountain.

The second unlit torch will be right behind the crashed cart placed on a rock. For the last one, throw the Molotov at the right wall of the slanted train cart to progress further with the trial. This will cause another orb to spawn. Follow the orb until it stops and feed it a Pack-A-Punched gun. This will cause a zombie to spawn, simply kill it and head over to the obelisk to begin a ritual.

After interacting with the obelisk, you’ll need to have charged your Ring of Fire field upgrade. If you don’t have it, head into your main menu and change your loadout. After acquiring the Ring of fire, simply feed the obelisk with zombie souls until the Ring of fire field upgrade is charged.

Use the Field Upgrade on the other obelisks around the area and begin feeding them zombie souls until a beam prompts up connecting it to other obelisks. You’ll have to do this process until all three obelisks are connected to complete the trial.

Trial 3 – Mindfulness
The last trial for the Archon Easter Egg will require players to interact with the obelisk placed right behind the Pack-A-Punch machine in the spawn area. Interact with the obelisk and use the shovel you found earlier to dig up the graves. One of the graves will have the last orb.

Once the orb is found, it’ll get stuck to the rock and will start showcasing three symbols that you’ll have to memorize. A few seconds later, platforms will be displayed on the ground. What you have to do is stand on the platforms with the matching symbols that the orb showed and in the same order they were presented.

Try to stun a zombie before you stand on the platform or ask a friend to train one to avoid going down. Once the answer is correct, the orb will then repeat the process two more times but with increasing the number of symbols by one. So, try to remember them and answer correctly or you’ll have to finish the round before trying again.


Try to use the Aethereal Shroud whenever a zombie chases you to stun them for a while.

After answering correctly, interact with the obelisk once again to form yet another set of platforms for you to stand on. But there’s a catch, you cannot damage a zombie until the timer fills up. Once the timer fills up, you’ll have completed the last trial for the Easter Egg in Vanguard zombies.

Step 4 – Defeat Lord Kortifex

Now that all trials are complete, a portal will spawn once again. Before heading into the portal, it is advised to gear up and PaP all of your guns. Once you’re prepared, head over to the portal to teleport to the boss Kortifex.

Like previous boss fights, the fight with Kortifex will also be of three phases. In the first phase, shoot Kortifex in his eyes where there’s a red glow. Avoid the boss’s attack as they can instantly kill you and use the shield to deal with the hordes of zombies coming your way.

After doing enough damage, the boss will disappear and the game will give you enough time to resupply on ammo and Pack-A-Punch your gun if needed. Before the second phase begins, try to shoot the red crystals on the ground and pick them up. Throw the crystals at the purple pods to charge the crystals as they’ll come in hand.

As soon as the second phase commences, Kortifex will have an armor layer protecting him. To break it, use the charged crystals from the purple plants and throw them at the triangular rocks floating in the sky. This will damage the protective barrier and you’ll be able to damage Kortifex.

Do this enough times until the boss disappears once again. The third phase will be similar to phase 2 but this time the boss will be able to regenerate his health. To stop him from doing so, shoot his other eye and kill the green glowing zombies. Repeat the process until the boss goes down to complete the Archon Easter Egg in Vanguard zombies.

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