Call of Duty Vanguard Best Shotguns Tier List

Shotguns can cause insane damage and destroy all opposition if the right one is selected under the right circumstances. Today we will be taking a look at a Call of Duty Vanguard Best Shotguns Tier List to help you pick the right one.

Call of Duty Vanguard Best Shotguns Tier List

Call of Duty Vanguard has a total of 4 shotguns at launch and today we will be taking a look at all of them and putting them in a Tier list based on their overall performance and stats.

Tier List

Name Tier
Double Barrel Shotgun S
Combat Shotgun A
Revolving Shotgun B
Auto Loading Shotgun C

Best CoD Vanguard Shotguns

S Tier

Double Barrel Shotgun

The Double Barrel Shotgun is the best shotgun in CoD Vanguard right now and that’s because of its insanely high damage and the ability to increase its reload speed which makes it even more deadly.

On smaller maps and modes, if you pair this shotgun with a decent loadout that focuses on mobility and aggressiveness, then you will be dominating lobbies in no time.

A Tier

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun is not good enough to earn a spot in the S Tier but still gets the job done. It does not have high damage and range numbers like the Double Barrel Shotgun, but a few attachments can help you make it a viable choice.

B Tier

Revolving Shotgun

The Revolving Shotgun in Call of Duty Vanguard is not good at all if you decide to use it in its default state. But if you commit to the shotty and unlock some of the better attachments for it then it can become a very good choice.

We recommend using the incendiary rounds with it and focusing on increasing its rate of fire and hip-fire accuracy. You can use this shotgun on smaller maps to get good results from it.

C Tier

Auto Loading Shotgun

The Auto Loading Shotgun is the worst shotgun in Vanguard right now and that’s mainly because of how comically low its damage is. You will need to get in 3 shots to secure a kill and on top of that, it has a very hard-to-control recoil.

Even if you max out this shotgun and unlock all of the attachments for it and equip the best loadout, it’ll still not be good. We think the developers will buff it in the upcoming update to turn it into an effective weapon.

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