How to Get Silk in V Rising

Silk is another useful material in V Rising you can acquire by crafting. This guide will provide you with step-by-step info on how you can craft Silk in V Rising, and the best locations for farming the required ingredients, such as Silk Worm and Lotus, have also been discussed below.

How to Craft Silk in V Rising

For crafting Silk in V Rising, you have to go and defeat a boss and unlock a few other things as well. All of these steps are listed below.

Defeat Beatrice, the Tailor

Before crafting Silk, the first step is defeating Beatrice, the Tailor boss, to unlock the Loom and Cloth. You can easily track this boss using the Blood Altar.

Defeat Ungora to Unlock Silk

After that, you will need to track down Ungora the Spider Queen if you haven’t already to unlock the Silk recipe.

Once the Silk is unlocked, you can go for gathering items required for Silk crafting. After that, go to the Loom and craft silk. It will take about 2 minutes to craft Silk in V Rising.

Craft Silk

For crafting Silk in V Rising, you will need Cloth, Lotus, and Silkworm. Put them in the input section, and after two minutes, you will get the Silk. You can find Lotus in the Silverlight Hills and Silkworm in the Cursed Forest.


Silkworms Farm Locations

In the Cursed Forest, you can head to the Spider Nest area. There you will find a lot of spiders with eggs. You can destroy their eggs by getting close to them and using your gears.

Once you destroy an egg, there is a chance that a Silkworm will spawn. You can easily collect the Silkworm once its spawns.

You can also enter the spider caves and take out spiders there. There is a chance that you will get Silkworm for taking out bigger Spiders in V Rising.

Highland Lotus Farm Locations

You can find a decent amount of Highland Lotus in the Silverlight Hills. Head to Harpy Nest, and you can find some of them there.

You can also go towards the north of the Silverlight Hills to find them. But the best location where you can find Lotus in V Rising is harpy Nest, beside rocks and cliffs.

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