How To Get Silk In V Rising

This guide will provide you with step-by-step info on how you can get Silk in V Rising, and the best locations for farming its ingredients.

Silk is a valuable resource in V Rising. It is used across several recipes. This guide will provide step-by-step info on how to acquire Silk in V Rising. Furthermore, we’ll also go over the best locations for farming the required ingredients, such as Silk Worm and Lotus, which have also been discussed below.

To craft Silk in V Rising, you have to go and defeat two bosses and gather a few other items. All of these steps are listed below.

Defeat Beatrice, the Tailor

The first step is defeating Beatrice, the Tailor boss. You can easily track this boss using the Blood Altar. She is found in the Dawnbreak Village, inside the first house on your left as you enter the area.

Do note that this boss tends to run away from you, so the use of ranged attacks is recommended. Once you defeat her, you’ll unlock the loom that is required to craft Silk along with cloth, a raw material.

Defeat Ungora, The Spider Queen

Next, you’ll need to track down Ungora the Spider Queen. Ungora is found within the Cursed Forest. You can make use of the Blood Altar to find her easily. Do note that this is a level 60 boss so be prepared before you take her on.

Once you defeat her, you’ll unlock the Silk crafting recipe and you’ll also be able to farm Silkworm which is a key ingredient required to craft Silk. You can find an initial deposit of this resource by breaking the eggs in Ungora’s boss arena.

How to Craft Silk in V Rising

To craft Silk in V Rising, you’ll need Cloth, Lotus, and Silkworm. You can unlock cloth by defeating Beatrice while Silkworm can be found after you defeat Ungora. Lastly, you can find Lotus in the Silverlight Hills.

Once you have all three components, make your way to the loom and craft Silk. The process takes two minutes.

V Rising Silkworm Farm Locations

In the Cursed Forest, you can head to the Spider Nest area. There, you will find a lot of spiders with eggs. You can destroy their eggs by getting close to them and using your gears.

Once you destroy an egg, there is a chance that a Silkworm will spawn. You can easily collect the Silkworm once it spawns.

You can also enter the spider caves and take out spiders there. There is a chance that bigger Spiders will drop Silkworm upon defeat in V Rising.

How to use Silk in V Rising

In V Rising, Silk is used across several recipes. It can be used to craft the Dawnthorn set. All the items listed below can be crafted at a Tailoring Bench.

Dawnthorn Chestguard12x Silk 12x Pristine Leather
Dawnthorn Leggings
Dawnthorn Gloves
Dawnthorn Boots
Phantom’s Veil12x Silk 8x Spectral Dust
Things you can use silk on in V Rising

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