V Rising Sleep: How to Sleep Through Day in Coffin

As a vampire in V Rising, daylight is deadly and must be avoided at all costs. In this V Rising guide, we’ll outline sleep mechanics and let you know how to survive daylight by sleeping in a coffin. So, without further ado, Let’s begin!

How to Sleep Through the Day in V Rising

Just like any other survival game, V rising has its Day and Night cycles. However, what makes it different for this game is that your character is a Vampire, This means that keeping track of time is essential for you as sunlight can pose a severe life threat. Therefore, the ideal time for the players to carry out their adventures and progress in the game story is when it’s nighttime.

One of the best ways players can avoid the daylight in V Rising is by constructing their coffins and taking a deep slumber. You need to press your F key near your coffin to put your vampire to sleep.

You need to have crafted a coffin first for this to work and the earliest coffin you can craft in V Rising is a Wooden Coffin.

While it does not help with passing the time quickly, it acts as your safety shell that can protect you from the sun’s scorching rays. You can chill in there while you wait for the night to fall.

Understanding Day and Night Cycle

In V Rising, the Daytime lasts from 10 AM to 6 PM, and the Nighttime lasts from 7 PM to 9 AM. These cycles last for about an average of 15-20 minutes in real-time.

Nights are longer in V Rising, which plays well to your advantage as you would have plenty of time to complete your quests and other adventures before the sun comes back with its scorching heat.

Signs of Daylight

Apart from the timings, few signs indicate the sunrise—the first being the most obvious. When your screen slowly starts turning bright, it means the sun is coming out, and it’s time to run to your castle.

The second sign is that a ray of light will hit your character directly from the sky when the sun is freshly out. Find a nearby shelter and protect yourself.

Lastly, when the Day is approaching, a sound effect will start playing, getting loud over time. When that happens, it’s time to run. Keeping these Daylight indicators in mind can help you a lot from getting killed and making it safely to Night.

How to Survive Daylight

If you fancy testing waters, you can step out of the castle during the Daytime; however, be informed that not only will you be dealing damage from the sun, but whatever damage you receive from the enemies will have more significant effects due to your already draining health pool. Hence, we recommend you stay inside while the sun is out and wait patiently for the Night.

If you accidentally contact sunlight, you don’t have to worry too much. Before the sun can provide you with any damage, you’ll have a grace timer that buys you time, and you can use that time to run somewhere you’re away from the scorching sun rays. If the grace timer goes off before you make it to a safe place, be ready to be turned into dust.

We recommend you go to the closest shelters, platforms, rocks, or trees that can temporarily give you some shadow and reset your grace time.

Once that is done, run back to the castle. For additional measures, you can also take the recipes that can be acquired from the V Bloods to extend the grace time even more.

How Sleeping in Coffin Helps You

Apart from saving you from the sun, sleeping in a coffin also entails that players can ‘pause’ the game and do whatever they want. Now, don’t get it wrong, V Rising does not have a pause feature!

Thankfully, if you put your character in the coffin, you won’t have your health drained down alongside you’ll be safe from other players’ and enemies’ attacks. It will also give you a moment to step away and do what you want to do outside of the game.

It’s also worth mentioning other than the coffin giving perfect protection against the sun; it is also an excellent tool when it comes to avoiding enemies. Say you’re being chased by a wolf pack; no need to worry now! Use a Wooden Coffin or Stone Coffin to hop in and wait until the enemies disappear.

Moreover, these coffins also act as respawn points. You can have one respawn point per coffin, which means you’ll at least have three or more bases to teleport to, depending on how many coffins you unlock.

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