How to Heal in V Rising

Being a vampire in V Rising does not mean that you can’t die. Even if you’re playing as a strong vampire, you’ll be bound to take damage. That is the reason why healing is very important in the game. The following guide will show you how to heal in V Rising using different techniques.

How to Heal in V Rising

There are various ways of healing in V Rising, all of which have been explained below.

Auto Healing

You will continue to auto-heal as long as there is blood in the Blood Pool. If you use up all of the blood, you will quickly lose health, losing -10 HP in a matter of seconds.

For auto-heal, all you have to do is retreat to a safe location and avoid taking any damage. Auto healing is faster at night than during the day. To keep the Blood Pool healthy, you must feed it blood from humans and creatures regularly.

How to Restore HP Using Blood Mend

Blood Mend is the strongest technique to heal in V Rising and it also helps during boss fights when the enemy switches stages and there is a small break, like during the encounter with Alpha Wolf.

Blood Mend takes longer to heal, but it does restore maximum HP. If you wish to quickly heal and get back into combat, you can cancel the healing by using the left mouse button. To activate Blood Mend, press and hold the Left Ctrl key.

How to Heal Using Consumables

Consumables are the best way to heal during a battle. There are several consumables in the game, some of which you will unlock early on and others later on. The first consumable you’ll likely come upon is the rat. A limited amount of blood is restored by using the rat.

There are some hearts, such as the Unsullied Heart and the Tainted Heart, which do not immediately restore health but do increase blood, allowing you to apply the Blood Mend afterward.

The Vermin Salve is an early item you can make and one of the first objectives. You can open the fast crafting menu by pressing Tab, and the item will appear.

For 15 seconds, the Vermin Salve restores 2.5 percent of maximum health every 1.5 seconds.

In addition, the Blood Rose Brew can be acquired in camp loot. For 10 seconds, the brew restores 4% of maximum health per second. There are a variety of additional consumables in the game that can aid with HP recovery.

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