Until Dawn Endings Guide – How to Get the Best and the Worst Endings

How to get the best and worst ending in Until Dawn depending upon player choices in the game.

The guide is cluttered with spoilers; proceed on your own risk.

Until Dawn Endings

Until Dawn has 6 different endings which primarily depend upon player choices made throughout the entire playthrough of the game. This guide details what you need to do in order to get the best or the worst ending in the game.

How To Get The Worst Ending

The ending in which all of the 8 friends – Mike, Sam, Josh, Jessica, Emily, Chris, Matt, and Ashley – must die is widely considered as the worst ending.

In order to acquire this ending, you need to let everyone die and do not attempt to save anyone who needs help at some point.

Do note that Sam and Chris survive until Chapter #10, but you can also mess up some of the decisions and they will also die quite early in the game.

Aside from being sadistic, one reason as to why you can opt for the said ending is earning ‘This is the End’ trophy for your collection.

How To Get The Best Ending

Opposed to the worst ending, the best ending is widely considered the one in which everyone goes home and none dies. In order to get this ending, you need to go with certain decisions and be prompt with QTEs.

Here is how to save everyone – in alphabetical order – to get the best ending:

How to Save Ashley
First of all, you need to sacrifice Josh and not Ashley. Moreover, during Chapter #9, do not choose to investigate the noise and part with rest of the group. And even if you decide to investigate, do not open the thumping hatch.

How to Save Chris
During Chapter #6, do not point your gun at Ashley and decide to shoot yourself in the head – which will not happen. A little ahead, during Chapter #8, shoot down all the enemies with a shotgun and Ashley will let you inside the lodge.

How to Save Emily
During Chapter #8, let her escape the room and do not mess with Emily’s QTEs.

How to Save Jessica
During Chapter #4, ensure to select the riskier paths as Mike and rush to save her. Then a little later in Chapter #10, choose the ‘Hide’ option whenever it pops up and complete all the QTEs to save Jessica.

How to Save Josh
In order to save Josh, you need to find all the Twin Clues in the game lest he will not be able to identify his sister’s tattoo on the Wendigo that will crush his skull.

How to Save Matt
During Chapter #6, do not shoot animals roaming the area while you are roaming with Emily. While you are on the radio tower, choose ‘Jump to Safety’ and do not help Emily. If you wish to help Emily out, you need to ensure that you have the Flare Gun with you.

How to Save Mike
As Sam, you will be provided with the choice to either ‘Save Mike’ or ‘Hit the Light’. You need to select ‘Save Mike’ and then hide before running towards the light.

How to Save Sam
In order to Sam, you need not to mess a single QTE in the game and successfully hide from the Wendigos.

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