Until Dawn Butterfly Effects Guide – All Choices and Consequences

Until Dawn Butterfly Effects to help you with all the choices and consequences in Until Dawn.

All 22 Butterfly Effects in Until Dawn explained, each with available choices and consequences.

Until Dawn Butterfly Effects

In Until Dawn, the Butterfly Effect is a set of in-game decisions and choices that must be made in order to progress through the story.

You can spend some time in various decisions while others must be made before the time runs out. These decisions also direct who lives and dies in the game.

In this guide, we have listed all the 22 Butterfly Effects and their consequences:

Any Of Your Business
Occurs In: Chapter #1

  • Close Bag – Chris happy to see Sam
  • Snoop – Chris offended by Sam

It affects the conversation scene with Chris having Jessica’s letter and he will either commend Sam or scold her.

Rats With Bushy Tails
Occurs In: Chapter #1

  • Shoot Squirrel – N/A
  • Don’t Shoot the Squirrel – Nature remained in balance

If you do not shoot the squirrel, the animals will allow Sam to escape the Clownface Man in Chapter #5.

The Soul of Discretion
Occurs In: Chapter #1

  • Mislead – N/A
  • Encourage – Matt sees Emily and Mike flirting with one another

Matt will speak about the flirting with Emily in Chapter #2.

Whose Side Are You On
Occurs In: Chapter #2

  • Provoke – N/A
  • Defuse – Matt will side with Jessica during her fight with Emily

Like mentioned above, defusing lets Matt side with Jessica.

Be Her Hero
Occurs In: Chapter #2

  • Cautious – Jessica does not appreciate Mike’s reluctance to help
  • Heroic – Jessica commends Mike’s bravery in helping

If you decided to be heroic, Jessica will help you in moving the metal cart. However, regardless of your choice, she will allow you to flirt with her.

Something For Later
Occurs In: Chapter #2

  • Serious – N/A
  • Humorous – Sam founds a baseball bat and leaves it in the basement

While being chased by the Clownface Man during Chapter #5, use the ‘Hide’ and then ‘Run’ option which will let Sam use the baseball bat and escape.

To The Rescue
Occurs In: Chapter #4

  • Risk Shortcut – use the short route [Risky]
  • Follow Path – go around the waterfall
  • Go Around – go down the rocks
  • Jump Down – slide down the rocks [Risky]
  • Jump – hop across the chasm
  • Shimmy – shimmy on the mountain ledge
  • Follow Path – use the staircase
  • Risk Slide Down – slide down from the mountain side [Risky]

If you wish Jessica to live, you need to choose the risky choices mentioned above lest she will die.

…And Which One Will Die
Occurs In: Chapter #4

  • Save Josh – Chris says to say Josh, but does not
  • Save Ashley – Chris says to save Ashley

One of them has to face death; simple as that!

At What Price
Occurs In: Chapter #5

  • Open Bear Trap – Mike does not has a usable machete
  • Amputate Fingers – Mike has a usable machete

You can ignore the bear trap completely and save Mike’s fingers and machete which he will use in later chapters. If you, however, decide to amputate his fingers, you will unlock ‘Scream Too!’ Trophy.

Man’s Best Friend
Occurs In: Chapter #5

As Mike, you will encounter an angry wolf near the Chapel. If you decide not to kick the wolf, you will become friends with him and he will prove valuable in later chapters.

On The Same Page
Occurs In: Chapter #5

  • Agree – Matt goes to tower in order to get help as Emily suggested
  • Disagree – N/A

You will either go to tower or you will not.

Run Or Hide
Occurs In: Chapter #5

In order to avoid the Clownface Man, you need to use all the ‘Hide’ options and do not make any noise. If any noise is made, Sam will get caught and the Clownface Man will use Sleeping Gas on her.

In Self Defense
If Matt does not kill any of the deer, they will let him and Emily pass through without any problem. If he, however, kills a couple of them, Matt will have to take a detour with some quick QTEs.

Who Gets The Gun
Emily can either keep the Flare Gun to herself or let Matt have it.

Save Yourself
After cables on the radio tower are cut, Matt can either help Emily or jump to safety.

Forewarned Is Forearmed
This primarily depends whether Matt acquired the Flare Gun after Emily finds the Totem with a death warning.

Stick Together
While looking for Josh, if any noise is made while the Wendigo is out, Victor will die – a similar consequence occurs if any QTEs are missed.

Point Blank
While in the mines, Emily gets bitten by a Wendigo and Mike will have the option to shoot her and end her misery.

Once Bitten
If Mike decides not to shoot Emily, she will later rip Ashley apart for encouraging Mike to shoot Emily.

Left Behind
This Butterfly Effect determines who gets to roam the mines alone; Jessica or Mike depending on who survived.

Important Discovery
In case Sam did not find the recording that says that Hannah was transformed into a Wendigo, Josh will die while he is with Mike.

The Result Of Chaos
This primarily depends upon who you decided to save and other decisions.

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