Ubisoft Announces Contents of Ghost Recon Wildlands Season Pass

Ubisoft has announced the contents of the Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass for every player that wants to buy it before the game comes out March 7.

Now that Ghost Recon Wildlands is close to coming out on the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Ubisoft has announced the Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass. The pass will allow its owners to get early access to both paid and free post-launch content. These will include two new expansions, weapons, and gear.

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The first of these two expansions is called “Narco Road,” which allows players to get a better taste of the life of the drug kingpins that have taken over Bolivia in the game. A series of a dozen fast-paced missions across four provinces will be set out before you.

You’ll accomplish all of these missions with the help of new vehicles, new weapon skins, and new gear. The targets of these missions are a trio of smuggling rings, led by the criminal mastermind El Invisible.

Other content in Narco Road includes a variety of side activities and the above new gear, and will all be playable either in solo mode or in 4-player cooperative mode. Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass owners will be able to get access to this content a week earlier than anyone else.

The second of the expansions is called “Fallen Ghosts.” In this expansion, the player and their team must put their Black Ops skills to the test when their chopper is shot down on a mission. As you make your way through the jungle you will be hunted by a vicious mercenary group, known as El Extranjeros.


To help you survive against these mercenaries, players will get new weapons and new skills. Players that own the Ghost Recon Wildlands season pass will also get this content a week early.

Also included for season pass are the Unidad Conspiracy missions, the Peruvian Connection mission pack, faction themed equipment packs for each of the anti-government rebel groups in the game, along with a special Bolivian minibus vehicle. Also included are a number of XP boosters that will help you get more XP.

Ghost Recon Wildlands will come out on March 7 on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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