Ghost Recon Wildlands Offline Mode Confirmed With 3 AI Teammates

Ghost Recon Wildlands offline mode confirmed by senior producer, allowing players to play with 3 AI teammates instead of humans

During a recent interview with We Write Things, senior producer Nouredine Abboud confirmed the presence of a Ghost Recon Wildlands offline mode in Ubisoft’s co-op shooter.

Nouredine said that while the game fully supports an online mode with up to 3 other players from the tutorial to the end mission, the Ghost Recon Wildlands offline mode will allow players without a stable internet connection to enjoy the game solo.

Given Ubisoft’s recent shift towards multiplayer worlds and its AAA games always requiring an internet connection to play (latest examples include The Crew, The Division and the upcoming Steep) this is indeed a refreshing and welcome change of policy from the company, especially considering many thought given the scope of the world, the game will once again require an internet connection.

While a solo player experience might not be the same in Ghost Recon Wildlands offline mode as those playing with other human players, Nouredine stated that the company is trying to make the experience as easy as possible and one way to do that is through the order system which allows players to give commands to AI team mates.

Sync shot is one example of these orders. The Sync shot is one of the most important actions to stay stealthy in Ghost Recon Wildlands. You can mark an enemy for your team – up to four enemies can be marked. Fire when ready to complete a sync shot, eliminating all the targets at once

During the interview, he also talked about the freedom of play and confirmed that weapon and gear will not be level gated, any player can use any weapon available in game at any level. However, players will need to level up to unlock more skills.

Ghost Recon Wildlands offline mode will be available to play as soon as the game launches, which is currently scheduled for 7th March 2017 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. A beta for the game is planned to begin before the release in 2017.

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