Two Point Hospital Tumble Guide

This guide has all the details related to Tumble Hospital in Two Point Hospital, including staff tips, morale management, and a walkthrough.

Tumble Hospital unlocks once you reach level 5 in Two Point Hospital. Tumble Hospital will also help you unlock Fractured Ward as well. This guide has all the details related to Tumble Hospital in Two Point Hospital, including staff tips, morale management, and a walkthrough.

Best Layout For Tumble Hospital

The Best layout for Tumble Hospital in Two Point Hospital is the Blank Layout. This is because the Blank Layout can prove to be very beneficial. Be sure to build spacious fracture wards that are being operated by well-trained nurses since you’ll be dealing with circus incidents a lot of the time.

Tumble Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital


  • Cure 50 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 50%
  • Thermal Comfort of 60%


  • $10,000
  • K100
  • Flemington (Requires 1 Star rating in Mitton University)
  • Small Radiator

2 Star Hospital


  • Cure 100 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 70%
  • Hospital Value of $1,000,000


  • $20,000
  • K150
  • Large Radiator

3 Star Hospital


  • Cure 200 Patients
  • Cure Rate of 80%
  • Hospital Value of 2,000,000
  • Thermal Comfort of 90%


  • $30,000
  • K200
  • Luxury Drinks Machine

Tumble Staff Training Tips

The first thing you need to do is build a training room. It is a must to train your staff in Tumble Hospital. Make your mind about a particular department your want to train your staff.

For Tumble Hospital, you must train your ward management and bedside staff. Hiring an outside trainer will upset your budget, but if someone is already on your staff, that will help you greatly.

So assign that particular person to train other ward management and bedside staff.

Tumble: How to Manage Staff Morale

Boosting your staff’s morale in any hospital is crucial in two-point hospitals. Managing the morale of your staff will help you keep them happy. To increase morale, you can do a variety of things, including increasing their pay, giving them breaks, giving training opportunities, and providing them with neat break rooms.

Two Point Hospital Tumble Walkthrough

Ideally, your Reception should face the entrance, while your G.P.’s office should be on the left or right. With some Gold Star Award items, you can take it up to level 4 with a Coffee Maker, a Chair, a Fire Extinguisher, and a Radiator. If you are hiring, check your candidates for Nurses with Ward experience. The same can be done on the opposite side of the building. Then you can begin waiting for your first patients after hiring staff for both rooms and the Reception.

Fracture Wards are likely to be needed for your first patient. Building a Traction Bed is the first step upon arrival. Placing the Fracture Ward near the other entrances is best since it requires a 4×4 space. The main objectives will require a cure rate.

A minimum of one doctor with treatment skills is required, as well as high diagnosis skills. The Clown Clinic occasionally has patients that need to be sent home, but it isn’t very common.

The doctors you should train should be able to diagnose in general, and one doctor should be able to perform a M.E.G.A scan and use the X-Ray room. However, you must train that same doctor to diagnose as well. A normal and fractured ward will need two nurses with ward skills.

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