Two Point Hospital Smogley Guide

Smogley will be the first hospital you will come across in World 3 of Two Point Hospital. You need to achieve Star Level in Flemington to unlock the Smogley. Smogley is a teaching hospital based on Surgery.

Smogley is located just behind the Melt Downs industry and Duckworth-upon-Bilge. You will discover a new disease, Turtle Head, here in Smogley.

By reading this guide, you will be able to learn everything about Smogley, including Best Layout, Star Objectives, Staff Training, and Walkthrough.

Best Layout for Smogley

Smogley first plot that you will start will be very small to build anything. So, build anything small like the diagnosis room, Staff room, and Toilets. Next, save 50000$ for the plot to the front right side.

You will also need to buy the plot on the top left because that plot has the Helipad. This Helipad will be used for the transportation of the Training Staff. It’s best to say, put your training center on the plot with the Helipad.

On the Front Right plot, put 3 GP’s Office, 3 Fluid Analysis rooms, and 1 Scanner. This will kickstart the hospital’s operations, and when the money starts coming back, you can invest by expanding more departments.

Smogley Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital


  • Train 10 Staff.
  • Cure 15 Patients in Surgery.
  • Cure 5 Patients with Turtle Head.


  • 10000 Dollars.
  • 100 Kudosh.
  • Duckworth-upon-Bilge.

2 Star Hospital


  • Train 20 Staff.
  • Cure 30 Patients in Surgery.
  • Maintain a Cure Rate of at least 75%.
  • Get Hospital Level to 12.


  • 20000 Dollars.
  • 150 Kudosh.

3 Star Hospital


  • Train 30 Staff.
  • Cure 50 Patients in Surgery.
  • Maintain a Cure Rate of at least 90%.
  • Get Hospital Level to 12.


  • 30000 Dollars.
  • 200 Kudosh.

Smogley Staff Training Tips

Once you start treating patients in the Surgery, you will need staff with qualifications and doctors to work in the surgery room. So, Train all the untrained staff for Surgery. Consider adding soft skills like Bedside Manners or Emotional Intelligence to the General Physician

Moving now to the receptionist. Try to boost their emotion and stamina. You can also train the doctors for Radiology and Genetics so that their expertise will be wide in all departments.

Let’s talk about Janitors, who can be the weaker link in the hospital staff. If you invest in them, they will pay you in the long term in the form of improvement in the quality of the work.

Give them basic skills like Stamina, Emotional Intelligence, Mechanics, and Maintenance. After that, the Janitors will be able to solve all the basic problems like broken item repairs.

Smogley: How to Manage Staff Morale

In Two Point Hospital, you can increase your staff’s morale in Smogley Hospital, and ensure that the hospital is very well taken care of. It does have coffee and snack machines for employees. Make sure that they have a good staff room.

Increasing the break policy from 9 to 11 will also make the doctors happy and boost their morale. Increasing all the rooms to level 5 prestige will also increase the morale. Now the very important thing. Pay the staff well.

Last one. Make sure to have the bins available at all places in the hospital so that the hospital will be cleaner.

Two Point Hospital Smogley Walkthrough

In this hospital, your main specialty will be Surgery. You will unlock it before when you were in Flemington. To properly operate the Surgery, you will need to train surgeons in the training room.

Surgery is a task that will take hours in most cases, so later, when the hospital turnover increases, you will need to add one more building to support all the surgery cases.

A general rule of thumb will be to look for more than 4 people in the queue at the Surgery before adding one more building for the Surgery. The most common disease in Smogley will be Turtle Head.

To treat Turtle Head’s patients, you will need to add Research Facility and Research Head Office. The doctors with Bedside Manners will work more efficiently in the surgery room.

Invest in the Marketing Campaign for Surgery and Turtle Head to increase the hospital’s turnover and profit.

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