Two Point Hospital Roquefort Castle Guide

A Two Point Hospital guide that discusses the Roquefort Castle Hospital in detail, talking about staff tips, star objectives.

The 3rd hospital in World 6 of Two Point Hospital is Roquefort Castle. The user must achieve 1 Star Level for Swelbard to access it. The Ghost Infestation has caused a new calamity.

Thus goals now revolve around catching ghosts and improving hospital worth. Monster Mishmash, a brand-new clinic disease, will make its one-and-only debut, including the Reanimation chamber where it may be cured. The Plots allocated for this hospital range from 2 to 19.

This guide will walk you through everything related to Roquefort Castle in Two Point Hospital, including the best layout and Star Objectives for Roquefort Castle Hospital. This guide will also cover how to manage staff morale and training tips for staff of Roquefort Castle.

Best Layout For Roquefort Castle

The biggest stage in the videogame is Roquefort Castle. You don’t need to unlock the entire hospital building, only a sizable chunk to finish it. Your monthly utility expenses are directly impacted when you purchase such large pieces of property.

Therefore, even if the huge plots appear highly alluring, make the most of the smaller properties at this stage. Remember that you shouldn’t hire more than 5 helpers for other huge levels. Additionally, ensure they have received adequate training in customer service skills. The only category of staff members for whom I’d advise investing in quality training rather than cutting corners is assistants.

A general breakdown of the Best Layout for Roquefort Castle is mentioned below:

  • Start with a centrally located, large reception area with GP offices, bathrooms, and amenities. As you progress through the level, move the reception area to a larger plot to facilitate the ever-increasing number of patients.
  • One or more treatment wings to house your therapy spaces, toilets, and staff housing at the back of the hospital.
  • A training and commercial area with staff restrooms.
  • Treatment centers close to the helipad
  • The administrative building in the top right half with a few more rooms scattered about the hospital as needed. You can use Plot 16 for this.
  • A diagnostic wing or wing(s) near the reception area featuring diagnostic rooms, doctors’ offices, rest areas, and staff rooms.
  • Decorate your hallways with plants and decoration pieces and install vending machines.

Roquefort Castle Star Objectives

The Star Objectives for Roquefort Castle in Two Point Hospital are the following:

1 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 1 Star Hospital are:

  • Heal 150 Patients
  • Catch 180 Ghosts
  • $1,500,000 Hospital Value
  • 70% Hospital Attractiveness

You will get $10,000 and 100 Kudosh and unlock Monster Mishmash Poster and Luxury Armchair.

2 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 2 Star Hospital are:

  • Heal 300 Patients
  • Catch 300 Ghosts
  • $3,000,000 Hospital Value
  • Heal 25 Patients with Monster Mishmash

You will get $20,000 and 150 Kudosh and unlock Luxury Sofa.

3 Star Hospital

Star Objectives for 3 Star Hospital are:

  • Heal 600 Patients
  • 90% Staff Morale
  • $5,000,000 Hospital Value
  • 90% Cure Rate

You will get $30,000 and 200 Kudosh and unlock Ooze Tank.

Roquefort Castle Staff Training Tips

We have compiled a list of Staff Training Tips for Two Point Hospital Roquefort Castle below:

  • Training is utilized to enhance worker productivity and maintain hospitals’ normal functioning. Training enables new actions for all staff and enhances diagnosis and treatment abilities.
  • Each staff member has a metric of ability that indicates their proficiency in their line of work. The number of stars beside their name denotes this ability. Ability is graded on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest.
  • Your staff gains experience by completing assignments. This may be shown as a shadowy ring surrounding their next Ability star. The number of experience points held by a Staff may be seen by hovering over one of their ability stars.
  • Your staff members gain valuable experience as they work. You must have the experience to get promoted. As they receive more promotions, workers need more experience to advance to the next level. When you check a Staff and move your cursor over the blue Ability star next to their name, you can see how much experience they have at their current level.
  • To begin a training session, tap on the lectern or place an appropriate staff person in the room. Once they are prepared, employees will also ask for training.
  • Pick the certification you desire employees to obtain in the training screen, choose a trainer, and choose the person you would like to enroll in this program. Press start when you are prepared.
  • When staff members begin their training, they will stop working. If all the cleaning staff are focused on acquiring new abilities, your hospital may begin to collapse in the trash.
  • Staff training is voluntary and subject to delay. Until you obtain the training license at Level 3, Flottering, training is not accessible. But, when activated, it becomes retroactively accessible for Lower Bullocks and Hogsport.
  • You’ll need a staff person with the expertise you would like to train or a visiting trainer, followed by a student who fits the criteria for the ability or certification you’re looking to fill.
  • For abilities that have not yet been acquired, you may also engage a training consultant, whose precise charge will vary depending on the certification level and the number of pupils, who will instruct at a constant rate of 160 percent.
  • Choose the former if offered the option to establish 2 small training rooms rather than one larger one. You shouldn’t train more than 4 people in the room at once, given how the system is designed.
  • Due to the hostile swarms of ghosts that plague the hospital, you would need to recruit a bunch of janitors. They would be engaged in other routine activities without seeking ghosts. On the plus side, you won’t have to consider hiring expert janitors. Any skill variation is fine as long as it can grab ghosts.
  • Get a minimum of one Janitor skilled in mechanics and solely responsible for upgrading your equipment. Another option is to hire one Janitor who specializes in maintenance and have this person fix machinery alone or with a small team.
  • There won’t be a lot of physicians required at first. Use Nurses in its place. Have just 1 or 2 of your doctors become specialists in MEGA Scans as time progresses.
  • For most of the gameplay at this hospital, you could get by with only 1 Assistant. Later in the level, you can recruit new individuals if you have too many plots.

Roquefort Castle: How to Manage Staff Morale

To manage Staff Morale, take the additional time to catch it all to a Prestige Level of 4 including plenty of plants to achieve the high Staff Morale. Your surroundings will affect this level’s team morale far more. Frequently watering plants also raises the staff morale.

Ensure that the pay for every employee is above average. Go over the entire list and give everyone with a bad attitude a break. If you don’t promote or train your personnel, it will negatively affect their attitude.

Complete this for all groups of employees. Don’t forget to spend more on your rooms. You only receive more perks when you have a nicely designed room.

To boost comfort conditions and aesthetics, place a plant and a radiator in each room as well as on the walls of the hallways.

This will raise the mood of your workers. Place several restrooms and vending machines throughout the hospital. Find employees with positive attributes that make it simpler to be joyful and filter out those with bad traits.

Two Point Hospital Roquefort Castle Walkthrough

The layout of the enormous hospital at Roquefort Castle makes it exceedingly challenging to grow. You do not have to acquire each lot and turn it into a sizable hospital to get the three stars.

Since the space will be vacant, begin by constructing all the diagnosis rooms on the left side, along with a pharmacy. We can move the pharmacy to a different location later.

Construct a training room and begin training right away if there isn’t a janitor on hand who has ghost captured. You may grab the Janitors and place them beside the ghosts to hasten the procedure and keep the spirits from troubling your patients.

You’ll eventually want an additional Janitor due to how frequently ghosts might arise. It makes no difference if it lacks Ghost Capture. At the very least, the fresh Janitor must be able to assist with the remaining duties.

In this hospital, don’t be scared to take out a loan because it’s not difficult to start turning a profit if you have sufficient rooms and qualified employees.

Watch out for possible doctors who lack the expertise in treatment. One is necessary for the Reanimation chamber. Treatments for the Monster Mishmash disease are problematic and frequently ineffective.

Construct Additional Rooms

Early in the level, expanding will be the main issue. Long lines will form outside the rooms, restricting business as a whole. As early as you notice the alerts about the lengthy queues, get ahead of this and construct additional rooms.

Get employees to the equivalent of three certifications, have either one or two consultants on the team to teach them, and retain the 5th place for emotional resilience. However, once employees reach the consultant level, allow them to depart and hire a new, less expensive employee in their spot.

You won’t have any problems doing it in the long haul because they’ll become proficient rapidly thanks to the experience and the volume of patients they see.

Roquefort Castle will encounter different kinds of Illnesses and diseases, and a different kind of room may be required to cure different kinds of Illnesses.

For Grey’s Anatomy, a Chromotherapy room is required. You’ll be needing Reanimation for Monster Mishmash treatment.

A DNA Lab is required to cure Tartan Telomeres, Evergreen, and Half Pipe. An injection Room is required for Thin Skinned, Curdled Blood, Rantlers, and Pudding Blood.

For Animal Magnetism, Pest Control is required; and to cure a Pandemic, a Pans Lab would be required. Sweet Teeth, Basic, Skull Chutney, Cold Shoulder, Pharmacy, Barking Mad, and Doghouse are required.

You’ll need a Psychiatry Ward to cure Paranoyance, Bard Flu, Knightmares, Bloaty Dread and Emperor Complex. To cure Goobris, Blaggis, Displaced Glands, and Cheese Bored, you’ll need a Surgery room.

For Tongue Splinters, Anomalitis, Sore Judgement, and Aurora Snorealis, Ward is required. Mechanical Metropolism and Reptilian Metropolism require you to have Urban Mythology.

For Boneless Thighs, Menace Elbow, Inverted 1080, and Dead Arm, Fracture Ward is required. De-Lux Clinic is required for Headcrabedness and Lightheadedness, and for Jest Infection, Clown Clinic is required.

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