Two Point Hospital Melt Downs Guide

Learn about the best layout of Melt Downs in Two Point Hospital including star objectives, and how to train staff, boost their morale etc.

Melt Downs is one of the trickiest hospitals in Two Point Hospital and the second of World 3. DNA lab and a few new illnesses become active in this hospital, making the gameplay more extensive. As the number of patients increases exponentially, proper hospital management is essential to ensure efficiency.

This article is the perfect source as it provides information about the best layout in Melt Downs, star objectives, and how to train staff, boost their morale and dominate the game completely.

Melt Downs Best Layout

A well-organized layout is essential to maximize the efficiency of the hospital at this level. The influx of patients will be very high, requiring many GP offices to cater to them. All GP’s offices, toilets, and staffroom should be in the first plot.

The DNA Lab and diagnosis rooms should be placed next to the first one next. The remaining rooms of the hospital can be located in other plots.

Melt Downs Star Objectives

1 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Generate 1,000 Research Points
  • Upgrade 5 Machines
  • Cure 5 Patients in the Shock Clinic
  • Cure 10 Patients in DNA Lab

Completing these objectives will reward you with 1,000 dollars, 100 Kudosh and 100 Research Points.

2 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 20 Patients in DNA Lab
  • Upgrade 10 Machines
  • Get Hospital to Level 10
  • Cure Rate of 75%

Completing these objectives will reward you with 20,000 Dollars, 150 Kudosh and 250 Research Points.

3 Star Hospital Objectives

  • Cure 40 Patients in DNA Lab
  • Upgrade 15 Machines
  • Get Hospital to Level 15
  • Cure Rate of 90%

Completing these objectives will reward you with a Super Computer, 30,000 Dollars, 200 Kudosh and  a whopping 500 Research Points.

Melt Downs Staff Training Tips

When staff performs a task, they gain experience, which is required for promotion. Promotion raises the abilities of the staff, ensuring better medical treatment. However, experience training can help the staff hone their abilities and get better qualifications.

A training room is required for this purpose, and the number of staff that can be trained depends on the number of desks inside the room. To start training, select the qualification from the screen, send the staff into the room, and assign a trainer for the job.

Once done, commence the training by pressing the start button. A Guest Trainer costs $10,000 plus an additional fee per Trainee ($5,000-$25,000 depending on the qualification). The fee is waived if the trainer is a staff member

Melt Downs is a very tricky hospital; to survive, it is really important to train the following qualifications multiple times:

Customer Service Improves Reception and Retail Skills  
General Practice Improves Diagnostics skills in the GP’s office
Maintenance Increases repair skills and maintenance work throughout the hospital
Treatment Increases the treatment skills of doctors and nurses
Ward Management Increases Diagnostic and treatment skills inwards

Training the above qualifications to lead to skill development and open up new abilities essential to run the Melt Downs hospital efficiently. An example of such an ability is research. The following are the research levels based on training:

Level 1 – Increased 2- Enhanced 3- Advanced 4- Elite 5- World Class
Research Skill Research unlocked +50% increase Research Skill +50% increase +50% increase +50% increase
Required (TU) 240 300 360 420 480

Melt Downs How to Manage Staff Morale

Staff morale can be kept high by proper facilities and easy-going policies. Accessible clean breakrooms with a full stock of healthy food and drinks can boost their morale. Regular work breaks along with decent salaries are a must.

A clean, decorated hospital with a pleasant temperature can encourage the staff to work smoothly. Creating prestige rooms by placing beds and decorations can be fruitful.

Two Point Hospital Melt Downs Walkthrough

The cure rate requirement level is very high in Two Point Melt Downs. Upgraded machines and trained staff is essential to cope with this level. As mentioned above, the player must train staff to upgrade their abilities, which will ultimately help in machine up-gradation and maintenance.

The higher the hospital level becomes more patients will visit it. To cater to the masses, there must be plenty of GP offices. The money from income sources should be used wisely to upgrade the hospital’s infrastructure.

At the start of the game, the player’s primary sources of income are the shock clinic and the Pharmacy ward. DNA lab will also join later and can play a crucial role in curing patients. Launch effective marketing campaigns and hire specialized staff for the lab.

The layout is also significant in preventing” Meltdown from the Melt Downs Hospital’. A proper layout, as mentioned above, must be implemented from the start to maximize productivity and ease management.

Here is a list of illnesses the player must cure in their hospital. The treatment rooms are mentioned with them.

  • Jest Infection: Clown Clinic
  • Headcrabedness, Lightheadedness: De-Lux Clinic
  • Denim Genes, Flumps: DNA Lab
  • Broken Face, Humerus Injury, Shattered: Fracture Ward
  • Decision Rash, Litter Bug: Injection Room
  • Animal Magnetism, Lycanthropy: Pest Control
  • Misery Guts, Verbal Diarrhea: Pharmacy
  • Emperor Complex, Inflated Ego: Psychiatry
  • Shock Horror: Shock Clinic
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